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Team Ron Paul: We'll Make Sure Our Delegates Behave Themselves at the Convention

cmcdaniel Wrote: May 16, 2012 12:18 PM
For the record, no. Two punches were thrown, both by Romney supporters. One of them was arrested. There is video to prove it.

Whatever you might think about his political views, you've got to admire Ron Paul: he is perhaps one of the most steadfast, unwavering, honest politicians around (no pandering, under-the-table deals, or bipartisan compromising for this guy!). His hardcore libertarian committments often inspire -- er, how shall I put this -- duly unflagging devotion from many of his more avid supporters, who are rarely shy about making themselves heard in their quest to cut through mainstream politicians' disenchanting blather and achieve a smaller government that fully adheres to the Constitution. The Ron Paul camp is at least aware that his disciples...