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Michelle Obama Fails to Put Politics Aside For One Day

cmcboss Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 3:14 PM
If I send 5.00 she will fly me to Chicago? What a deal. Like all the free things he gives away It'll be the TAXPAYER WHO PICKS UP THE TAB! Ah, for all the free 'Obamaphones' and the cash from the 'Obama stash'.
tweaver Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 5:50 PM
Wait a moment, if the trip to Chicago is not what you want; we have, food stamps galore, the free phone, and if you happen to have ANY latino blood in you and you are here illegally, we guarantee you a temporary visa - all of it free (if you vote for me). Additionally, if you are up to it - we will have Biiden fly in (remember to tell him twice where you are) and bolster your spirits (probably laugh your hair plugs right out).

On Monday evening Mitt Romney cancelled all campaign events through today and is even holding a distaster relief event in Ohio to help those who were crushed by Hurricane Sandy last night. President Obama also cancelled campaign events and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Air Force one that this "wasn't a time for politics" and that people should focus on responding to the storm. But, Hurricane Sandy wasn't going to stop First Lady Michelle Obama from playing politics yesterday. She sent the following email to supporters in North Carolina and Virginia.

From: Michelle Obama