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TY FOR THE REPLY. What I and all Americans should want is that we use our own oil. Our {U S ] oil reserves will easily last us over four hundred years. Lets just use our own oil and keep the money here.
Why would anyone bring in a foreign country's oil in a pipeline that will run over their own UNDEVELOPED oil fields? The Bakken oil reserve in the Dakotas is over 80% in our government land that America isn't allowed to use, yet we want a pipeline from Canada to go over it ? Also, the Green River oil reserve in Utah, Colo. and Wyo. has over twice the oil in the Bakken Field
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ICYMI: Sarah Palin's CPAC Big Gulp

cmcboss Wrote: Dec 09, 2013 5:41 PM
Sarah is a joy. I'd put her in the White House in a sec. The odd thing about Sarah is that her stellar character, Christian values and common sense is what her critics hate most. If she had lied under oath as in Hillary did in "whitewater" (time after time, 'Ahh, I just don't recall)or had allowed the murders of Americans under her charge in the State Dept."Who cares?"
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Have You Seen the New Time Magazine Cover?

cmcboss Wrote: Nov 23, 2013 12:50 PM
Try to remember, everyone belongs to God and even though stupidity can run to the bone ,it is God who will deal with. Just love them, hold your breath, and get through it. I'll pray for your patience.
Soooo we the tax payers subsidize the wind farms. Then the energy company, who we paid to build them, are sued by the 'justice' dept, who we pay. Then the energy company, one of our regulated utilities, 'settles' and pays the tax payer one million dollars for killing birds. Then the 'regulated utility' passes the bill on to the tax payer(user). Sooo, we pay the bureaucracy to kill the birds then sue our selves and pay the bureaucrats who did this terrible thing?
This is funny !!! All these laws are to be passed and enforced by the states NOT the Feds. So the feds 'generously' want the states to be "taken into account" ? The EPA has constitutionally no right to arbitrarily impose or restrict anything the individual state allows.
Amen! Well said, Thanks.
I wonder what the oath of office will sound like to an open socialist. In fact, I don't believe a socialist can honestly adhere to the Constitution or the United States. It seems to me a true socialist, by definition, cannot qualify.
Remember It was Jimmy Carter who campaigned and won office as an "outsider". I don't know Mr. McAllister or his true beliefs. The proof in in the pudding, as they say. Our Constitutional standards are not 'just a little left of center'.
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Analysts Clash Over US-Iran Rapprochement

cmcboss Wrote: Nov 17, 2013 2:34 PM
Amen! When we understand that even a little poison over time will eventually kill you only then will we see that our values and standards are not negotiable. Islam, like communism, is lethal to free people. thus when you go down that road ,even a little, Know it is the wrong way.
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