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Don't Blame Boehner

clubgitmo Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 5:02 PM
Sorry Larry but John B is a complete waste, typical rino Republican, no cajones, no guts, no glory. No, if they are not Conservatives I want nothing to do with them. They are part of the problem not the cure. Time to get rid of JB.
Tinsldr2 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 5:21 PM
Sorry but you are wrong

A true Conservative and Republican is Boehner.

Now do you want ALL Americans to pay higher taxes in two weeks?

If you do insist on no compromise .

Oh sure you will feel good blaming Dems but will it be good?

Now a raise on the richest (not a 250K level but much higher) compromise is NOT good, but it is BETTER then the raise taxes on ALL if we do nothing
southern tom Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 6:28 PM can't "compromise" when the other side refuses to negotiate... EVERY citizen paying higher taxes in 2 weeks HAS BEEN THE PLAN since the beginning!!! Anyone who has been paying attention realizes this...
Earl29 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 6:43 PM
Actually, I think Obama is beginning to realize that he has more to lose than the Republicans.

When you lose an election, you get frustrated. When you're sitting in a subpar 2 percent economy, and are faced with tax hikes rather than marginal rate reductions, you get even more frustrated. And when you're staring at $47 trillion in spending over the next 10 years, and $8.6 trillion in deficits, your frustration levels climb even higher.

These are among the frustrations that led a number of House Republicans to pull back from Speaker John Boehner's so-called Plan B. Nobody looked good on the Republican side when Thursday night's vote fell through. But you have to understand their frustrations....