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And instead of worrying about what other people eat how about taking the bull by the horns and get some help for our Vets?
How about staying the hell out of people's lives and worry about your own 2 kids. A fraud just like her husband.
Hawking a newsletter with very little substance with regards to an article.
Compromise. That dreaded word.
Options open for what? You are nothing but an establishment, big government rino.
barry will be focused like a laser on this. Just like everything else.
This entire article is all about selling your newsletter and nothing else. When exactly did you recommend these 3 ETFs?
Excellent rundown and the fear of where this country is going is more than real.
I'd donate money to see Gosnell die the same way that creep in Oklahoma did recently.
It's called life under barry Hussein nobama. America's biggest fraud.
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