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Provide the complete list or a link to the list then. You can't can you moron.
Please translate into English. Liberals don't speak Hillbilly.
Georock wrote: "We will defeat you....every time" Did Romney win something? LMFAO.
Typical Republican BS. Destroy the economy and then complain when the next President takes too long to clean up your mess.
You'll be underwater soon moron.
How about you go breathe some lead exhaust at a NASCAR race and then eat some mercury laden fish!
Insist We Much wrote: "Obama has increased the debt held by the public by $5,321,281,168,311.14 or 84.37% – EIGHTY-FOUR & 37/100 in 1,484 days." That's what happens when morons re-elect a moron called GW and let him destroy the entire world financial system.
That's funny. You morons said nothing at all when GW was requesting debt limit increases and spending like a drunken sailor. Now you want to get serious? LMFAO.
Thank God the Tea Party aka the Hillbilly Party is dying out. You closet racists are hilarious though!
If your salary is cut but you spend the same amount what happens?
Tax rates are already at historic LOWS moron. The Koch brothers are working you like a puppet!
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