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Nixon -- Before Watergate

christiancon Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 9:18 PM
Nixon: the left loved to use him as the epitome of evil. Now its Bush. For awhile it was Reagan. But Nixon was so easy to hate, as his glowering cheeky face with the scowl testified to. He was paranoid and he was angry. All that is true. but when you get below the surface and see what he actually did (sans watergate) you see that he was extremely consequential. BUT unfortunately no matter how Pat tries and Pat does tell a lot of truth- Nixon will never outlive those images and that mess of Watergate. All other presidents have been able to persevere in the contrast of Richard M. Nixon.
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

christiancon Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 2:30 PM
The example of Germany and America in WW2 is classic- of course Dr. Sowell (thinker extraordinaire) would draw from it. The fact is less and less can I speak intelligently with liberals because their views are so emotional and when facts are brought to bear- deep emotional outbursts are the response. I have learned its best to either not engage or be prepared to walk away.
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The Tea Party’s Talk Radio Ally

christiancon Wrote: Aug 02, 2014 2:29 PM
I get blown away when I hear people like McCain and Graham and talk show hosts like Micheal Medved claim that GOP wins will somehow give us the power to change Obummers agenda. If the GOP plays like democrats and votes to placate the democrats which McCain and his ilk have done for years what the hell difference does it matter if the moniker after the name is GOP or Democrat? The republicans had control not so long agao and placated the democrats- found common ground- in other words caved to the liberals. WE NEED FRESH BLOOD- guys like Cruz et al. I am sick to high heaven of hearing how important it is to win when winning means the same old BS.
Bebe to Obama- Dont second guess me- Obama to Bebe: chirp, chirp chirp Two weeks from now: "The Israelis are using unequal amounts of force on the Palestinians- back off Israel. Moral of the story: Once a marxist community organizing Alinskyite always one, reality plays no part in this man's world- only theoretical constructs.
Yea HILLBILLY that is the ticket. Hitler used ovens because it was too cold outside and he just forgot to turn off the gas when he was warming his Jewish friends. -------------I swear reading the news everyday in this country I keep waiting for Rod Serling to come out from behind a curtain and state this has been an episode of the Twilight Zone and then I could turn off the tv and go out into reality. THIS IS REALITY-unreal.
Nixon is a pauper in terms of crookedness compared to Obama. Nixon comitted a crime- but I believe he loved his country. Obama hates this country (2001 statement on the constitution and transforming the country).
Wow, haven't heard that name in ages! Lee Atwater- the evil one for the left. Its funny to juxtapose Atwater with Rove. Rove was called the brain and since he's been in the private sector all he does is attack conservatives and he was considered evil by the left. Atwater is more like Cheney- a bulldog who didn't care what the hell the left thought. Yea I would take Atwater over Roves stupid white board any day.
The RINOS spend all their time attacking conservative tea partiers- that's where their fire is directed. So good luck with the dem's Come election time McCain and Graham will have their lips suction cupped to the as-es of the democrats and we may still do well in 2014- but 2016- McCain will state or re-state how he could work with Hillary. As long as these clowns are in office we are toast.
I feel so secure when Obama is at a fundraiser or on the golfcourse. sarc- But you know with this dufus I really do feel better. Hell if he could book a flight to Mars I would feel even better.
Notice the word MY in the above statement. The man says me, my, I constantly. And the definition of his statement above: He is his own god- because its him and his values- his values? Only a man with no relationship with God through Christ or a back sliding one could make those comments. Whether he is a Christian or not I don't want to guess (though I have doubts) but you are correct- a Christian connected to God through Christ has a totally different definition of sin IE Missing the mark of God's expectations and Law- why we need Christ.
And Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went well and family and friends are thrilled........
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