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I don't know who you are disagreeing with here. No where in the article do I sense that you wouldn't be agreed with. No one is stating stamp out Islam. But to many people are NOT stating what the ultimate goal of Islam is- disregarding the moderates. What are Islam's tenets. Hey you can be a satan worshipper in the US if you obey the law. The Islamic religion would demand adherence to Sharia and subjugation of all. Ask a moderate muslim what he or she thinks of that. I understand we don't round up people on the basis of belief, but it helps to know what people believe and educate the masses- that was Doug's point I believe.
Doug I am not surprised. The Christian church in general has become so heavenly minded its no earthly good. Don't get me wrong: The most important thing is the propagation of the gospel of course. But along with it was a duty to tell the truth and be a vocal and participatory member of society. No where in scripture is the ideal of a monastery mentality of hiding away from the culture. Form any that has become the ideal- ie: Jesus is coming and I need be concerned only with that- as though that can be separated from truth. Speaking the TRUTH in love. Easy to say and seemingly hard to do.
Okay they did it again: Lets have an emergency meeting. Lets get on the air and call em barbarians. Lets say we are committed to our allies. Okay......then what...........chirp....chirp...chirp.... I don't get it......they act surprised that demonic people act demonic.
Uh...Here are a few facts : 1st off the law enforcement agencies had the video- they claimed it was a MINOR offence. Second the NFL had it since April and the charade with Rice and his fiancé lingered for months with her even apologizing. The video is more than disturbing- its assault and battery. My question for Dr. Carson-Are we all equal under the law? Is it important that the law be equal administered for the crime committed? -----To say we shouldn't worry about the penalty is a slap in the face to all we stand for- THE LAW- not whether they get counseling or have a deeper understanding- THATS UP TO THEM and there is a lot of resources out there to help them. WE AS A PEOPLE better be concerned how the law is administered.
Stalin leans over to Brezhnev as they are engulfed in flames "Hey I told ya Pravda would come to the USA".
Uh... Lend Lease.....Where would GB be if that hadnt happened? Uh the tide of war before America arrived: which way was it headed? Germany at the height of war and our bombing Dresden etc. ....Listen GB was wonderful and Churchill stood strong and the fact is GB was awesome in its resolve. That being said without the USA the fuehrer would have had the begining of his reich and the only thing in his way would have been an ocean away.
Lets see open borders, no foreign policy philosophy, law enforcement policy toward terrorists (workplace violence etc), pulling the military back to pre-WW2 levels, treating our soldiers , airman,sailors and marines as though they were disposable pieces of meat, VA scandals with men and women of military service dying, bowing before muslim leaders, ignoring Christian massacres in the middle east for years, castigating Israel for defending herself. I could go on but time constrains me. BUT NOW PLUGS BIDEN IS TALKING LIKE GEORGE PATTON- ...............PATHETIC!
I saw the headline "Piers Morgan thinks".......came here and am now leaving.....
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War -- Past, Present and Future

christiancon Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 2:04 PM
Sage insights by a wise mind.
Now these men were workers-reporters correct?! So isnt this workplace violence?
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