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Rise of the Barbarians

christiancon Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 3:09 PM
Excellent Ben. I have seen this develop over the years and it seems to be spreading. In 2003 my son who was 19 at the time and getting ready for his first of three tours to Iraq went to a Dodger game with me before shipping out. He is a huge Dodger fan-me the Angels- I watched the game with him and the Dodgers beat the Giants as I recall- I was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals cap because my sons last little league team was the Cardinals. As we were walkeing I suddenly heard and felt a ruckus around me and saw my son was aggravated and he told me a guy lunged across from behind me to coldcock me and my son had blocked it. I determined after that to never darken that stadium again as it was like being surrounded by gangbangers, So now its virtually everywhere. Welcome to liberal America where traditional values have been replaced by the law of the jungle.
Any belief system that states its acceptable to LIE to advance its cause and in the process decapitations and killing of children and women is occurring worldwide is not to be trusted. Why people wont read the tenets of this religion and take it seriously is certainly a suicidal instinct in the west. Head in the sand as heads roll around us.
You can't coexist with evil any more than you can coexist with a malignant tumor. --Now that's a great bumper sticker!
Uh why are we asking these questions anymore? I mean come on, 50 years of this and we need to act as though its something new?
Meant to say Lack of freedom of thought and expression.-oops.
No surprise here. Freedom of thought and expression arent just democratic principles. Boehner and his ilk are made of the same cloth. Its so ironic watching all this unfold. Conservatism is the enemy- more so than ISIS in some minds. But as the saying goes: A lie has gone half way around the world before the truth is up getting its pants on.
Sigh....It continues and always will....The double standard is part and parcel of the political landscape. As people have gotten farther and farther away from objectivity and more and more into an emotion based way of looking at things this is the new norm. The American public has bought a bill of goods from liberals: namely-rhetoric trumps behavior and appearances are more powerful than actual accomplishments. I see little hope of overcoming this because the schools and culture have overwhelmed any competition for minds and hearts.
I don't know who you are disagreeing with here. No where in the article do I sense that you wouldn't be agreed with. No one is stating stamp out Islam. But to many people are NOT stating what the ultimate goal of Islam is- disregarding the moderates. What are Islam's tenets. Hey you can be a satan worshipper in the US if you obey the law. The Islamic religion would demand adherence to Sharia and subjugation of all. Ask a moderate muslim what he or she thinks of that. I understand we don't round up people on the basis of belief, but it helps to know what people believe and educate the masses- that was Doug's point I believe.
Doug I am not surprised. The Christian church in general has become so heavenly minded its no earthly good. Don't get me wrong: The most important thing is the propagation of the gospel of course. But along with it was a duty to tell the truth and be a vocal and participatory member of society. No where in scripture is the ideal of a monastery mentality of hiding away from the culture. Form any that has become the ideal- ie: Jesus is coming and I need be concerned only with that- as though that can be separated from truth. Speaking the TRUTH in love. Easy to say and seemingly hard to do.
Okay they did it again: Lets have an emergency meeting. Lets get on the air and call em barbarians. Lets say we are committed to our allies. Okay......then what...........chirp....chirp...chirp.... I don't get it......they act surprised that demonic people act demonic.
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