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What the Left Did Last Week

christiancon Wrote: 21 hours ago (1:00 PM)
Not voting for Jeb Bush isnt a felony- Its an act of love.
Without ad hominen bogeymen the left would be "silent"- their ideas and arguments are so flawed and failed that the only resort is character assasination. Every federal program of failure is lifted up as a success not based upon the facts but based upon some evil capitalist bogeyman that the left is protecting its constituency from.
Good question. Of course I wouldnt be surprised at anything anymore.
Can you imagine any other country in the world doing (unarmed soldiers) this AFTER the event 5 years ago? So you can cross our borders unfettered. You can get benefits unfettered. You can walk on our bases unfettered and shoot our men in uniform. Putin rightly laughs at Obama and disdains his presidency. WUSSIE is far too polite a word for him.
I take it the soldiers are UNARMED on base? Is that still the way it is? Hey maybe the unhappy muslim was discriminated against somehow. I mean he must have a legitimate beef right? And this also wont be terrorism as Hasan wasnt a terrorist right? Man has this country drank the kool aid or what?
Pelosi calling you dumb is like Charles Manson calling you insane.
I can do all things through Christ- STOP IT YOU RELIGIOUS BIGOT!!! I can do all things through Obama's Executive Orders- Hallelujah!!!
Now thats a little bossy isnt it?---Liberals dont seem to understand IRONY.
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