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Clarifying America's Gun Culture

christiancon Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 12:11 PM
An oft-repeated urban legend states that Elliot choked to death on a ham sandwich.[18] The story, which started following the discovery of her body, was based on speculation in the initial media coverage. Police had told reporters that a partially eaten sandwich found in her room might have been to blame, though an autopsy had yet to be conducted. Despite the post-mortem examination finding that Elliot had died of a heart attack and no food at all was found in her windpipe,[16] the false story that she choked on a sandwich has persisted in the decades following her death. In fact Elliot had lost 80 pounds (36 kg) in the eight months before her death by fasting four days a week. Her fatal heart attack was most likely related to this extreme
christiancon Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 12:12 PM
weightloss measure.----I understand and agree with your analogy. Just thought I would clarify the facts around Mama Cass' death.

Since NBC sportscaster Bob Costas went on his halftime anti-gun rant on Sunday using words written by Fox Sports Columnist Jason Whitlock, we’ve heard a lot from the media and from uniformed commentators about America’s “gun culture.” The fact is, America actually has two gun cultures and it is important to distinguish them from one another.  

The first gun culture is deeply seated in American history and her founding. Founding Fathers like George Washington understood that an armed citizenry would prevent government tyranny, which is why we have the Second Amendment. This is a concept rapper...