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Earth To Conservatives: Immigrant Amnesty Is A Conservative Policy

Clifton4 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 10:14 AM
It doesn't do any good to talk to Jerry Bowyer through these comments because he obviously doesn't read them. If he did, he'd already know the counter arguments to this column. It's so easy to tear down his arguments that I'm not going to waste my time doing it. I will say that millions of people came here illegally on their own and millions of people can go back on their own as well once they realize they won't get jobs and entitlement benefits. We can't continue to import poverty and we can't continue to ignore the rule of law.
Latinos are religious, morally conservative and tend disproportionately to join the military. They also tend to be hard working and entrepreneurial. Do we really have too many of them?
Do we really want to pack them up, forcibly, by the millions in the greatest forced migration in human history? How many are there, 15, maybe 20 million? No one has ever moved 15 million people against their will. No one has ever moved half that many without concentration camps, forced marches of one form or another and mass death through plague.
If there’s another way to do it, please...
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