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Mr. Kudlow, please cool it on immigration. We are a country with an economy, not the opposite. We will not be the same country envisioned and lived if we listen to you on immigration. The long-term health of the unique American culture is more important than some short-term economic success - and for whom, not the average American who's wages and job prospects drop with massive immigration - legal and otherwise.
Why Hispanics don't vote for Republicans Polls show that immigration is not one of the top issues of concern for Hispanics, legal Hispanic citizens who can vote that is.
Amnesty permanently imports poverty, imports drunk drivers, balkanizes America, thumbs its nose at the rule of law, threatens our sovereignty and isn't fair to Americans and those who want to come here and truly assimilate and become part of our melting pot. There are not enough penalties we could impose that could pay for what illegal aliens have cost American taxpayers and American lives. In addition to all the costs involving the legal system, language accommodations, health care and education, a House subcommittee report finds that there are 25 deaths a day caused by illegal aliens (mostly drunk driving but also murder, etc.) Once someone kills an American, it's a little late to deport them. And once someone is a citizen, we can't ever deport them. Background checks are impossible. Most don’t even have valid birth certificates and never did. Illegal immigrants can say who they want to say they are. They can say they were brought in when they were an infant and they actually came two weeks ago as a 29 year old. And who’s going to accurately and adequately check, and how much would that cost? And will the fact that someone assaulted someone or drove drunk or is in a gang get them a deportation ticket? No. If you really believe that the US will enforce some condition that people have to have an ability to speak English, with all due respect, you are quite naive. As soon as an amnesty- "earned" or not - is given, no one will ever be deported for failure to learn or use English. It just won't happen. As far as demonstrating an understanding of American history and our Constitution, many don't want to understand it. Their allegiance is to Mexico or some other country. They want a job - at most any salary - not a new country. They would take citizenship or “earned legalization” if that's what it takes to keep them here I'm sure but it will change and cheapen the very meaning of being a US citizen. If someone who came here illegally or overstayed a visa illegally, gets to remain here while people overseas are waiting to come here to assimilate and become a US citizens, that is a special pathway to citizenship. They are already in front of people waiting in line. Again, they may not care about being an American citizen, except for what goodies it brings, they just want to remain here and live – and you want to reward them with that. As for all the economic suppositions you have, please remember that we are a country with an economy not just an economy.
Define "Immigration Reform." Of course most people want immigration reform until they hear the devil in the details. Immigration reform could mean making sure that the children of illegal immigrants aren't considered citizens. It could mean making sure that Americans have first dibs on jobs before foreign workers are allowed in. You write, " As Sal Russo, cofounder of the Tea Party Express, put it, 'We need to make the 11 million people who are here illegally obey the law, pay taxes and come out of the shadows. We have to get them right by the law in exchange for legal status, but not unbridled amnesty. This should include penalties, background checks to root out criminals and the requirement that they learn English, understand the Constitution and be committed to our basic freedoms. We must ensure there is no special pathway to citizenship that puts them in front of people who waited in line.' There's no reason why this can't be done." Of course it won't get done. First, we don't know there are 11 million people or 20 million people or 50 million people, especially if the Senate version is approved since those deported are allowed back. Second, most illegal aliens are poor, which means they will not pay taxes - they will get money from the government, not give money to the government. Third, they are not in the shadows. At the grocery store they loudly discuss their wic and ebt credits - evidently because they have children born in the US. They kill hundreds of Americans each year on our roadways while driving drunk. They are painting houses in our neighborhoods. The guy who painted our house said he was getting out of the business because he is being undercut by cheap labor employers who hire illegal aliens. Legalizing all these people - many of whom have brought drugs into the US to pay their coyotes, many of whom have lowered poor citizens' wages, many of whom have put our health care system in distress, many of whom have strained our education resources, many of whom are in gangs, etc. - is unbridled amnesty. There is no way anyone will be allowed to stay without citizenship and even if they were, all their children for future voting generations will be citizens. Have you forgotten how the Republicans led the 1986 amnesty - which didn't work by the way - and they were rewarded by George Bush the senior getting only 30 percent of the Hispanic vote in 1988?
Mr. Carroll, so you don't want to enforce the law today or tomorrow. Perfect. That may be fair in your book but not in mine or most Americans'. Let's be clear about something. If someone who broke the law by coming here illegally or overstaying a visa illegally is allowed to remain in the country, it's an amnesty. If we want to provide amnesty to some, that's something we can explore, but to allow all or nearly all those who broke the law to remain is not acceptable for a sovereign nation, her people, those who come the right way and our rule of law.
Unfortunately it's not sarcasm. Read this column of his:
But I fear it's not in light of his previous column praising "comprehensive immigration reform" which we all know is code for "amnesty."
I hope this is bad, confusing sarcasm.
Mr. Hanson, your plan seems close to the extreme left position in that in your plan and in theirs, those 12-20 million (or more) who broke the law get to stay. Can't there be something between allowing them all to stay and deporting all of them? How about we deport those who have broken any further laws, any - not just major offenses? And how about we make E-Verify mandatory with severe penalties for those who hire illegal aliens? Also, any fair plan has to make it so those who are here illegally can't produce a citizen child. After doing these three things, wait a few years, all the while enforcing the law, and re-evaluate. We can get employees from other countries any time we need it. Why do we have to accept the ones who broke in illegally, committing fraud to remain here, instead of inviting in those workers we truly need and want, and those who truly want to assimilate into our unique American culture?
Why did you hire Stephen Moore? Seems that if you didn't want these questions to arise and if you didn't want Moore to have influence over Heritage policy, you wouldn't have hired him in the first place.
Steven Moore feels differently about illegal immigration than the Heritage Foundation. Disappointing that the Heritage Foundation hires someone in favor of amnesty.
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