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Surprise! Romney Visits Solyndra Plant

cliffvettej Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 11:15 AM
Which makes it a referendum on Obamler. Do we want an economy led by Obamler and his Socialist agenda or do we want an economy driven by people who love America. The Dummycrats controlled Congress from 2006 forward and they OWN the mortgage crisis by directing banks to make loans to people that did not deserve them. That was Demonrat policy and Demonrat policy alone. No mortgage crisis and we do not have near the economic mess we have now. Obamler and his Senate has refused to pass a budget that is required by law since he was in Office. Both parties contributed to this mess but the bulk of this mess can be laid at the feet of the Dummycrats. Your log in name is the world's biggest oxymoron. There is no such thing as a patriotic liberal.

In a very savvy political move, Mitt Romney made a surprise campaign stop at the bankrupt ($500 million at taxpayers expense) Solyndra plant today. The stop was kept secret until Romney's arrival, but he gave reporters a hint about the Solyndra appearance last night at a fundraiser.

At a fund-raiser in the San Francisco area Wednesday night, Mr. Romney again talk about the solar panel company, portraying the president as a failed venture capitalist who unsuccessfully tried to have government pick winners and losers.

“Have you seen the Solyndra corporation headquarters? You probably...