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While yours is a nice sentiment, it's still not without it's problems. "Daycare" would need to be defined, as well as "low-income". Who gets the service for free, and who pays for it. As well as who subsidises the folks who aren't paying. My sister was on welfare for a short time, because of a deadbeat druggie absent husband who abandonded his family. She made friends with other moms in her situation and they supported each other with the "babysitting". I'm quite proud of her, as she went on to get her nursing degree and RN license. Her spouse ended up dead from drugs. He never knew his kids.
Those Republicans I was referring to include McCain, Graham, Ryan, and others who seem to think we need this so-called "immigration reform" instead of simply securing the borders and enforcing the laws already on the books.
Ann, Could you be referring to Salisbury Steak? I think I remember during WWII the term "hamburger" was replaced by this to aviod any connection to Hamburg, Germany.
Todd doesn't say where he resides, but I'll bet it's not Los Angeles. Even way back in the politically incorrect seventies, us gringos knew there were differences between Mexican, Cuban, Salvadoran, and foods from other "hispanic" countries. Kind of like the liberal illusion of the "hispanic vote". I personally know Chichanos (Mexican-Americans) who despise illegal aliens and would like nothing more than to see the lot deported. But trynto tell a liberal, or for that matter the Republican-left that fact. For years my mother made the greatest enchlidas (she was a southerner). She told me a mexican-American neighbor had taught her the recipe years before. Later I was dating a Tex-Mex girl. She had dinner with us, and loved the enchlidas. But she thought they tasted somehow "different". Come to find out, my Mom was using oregano in place of cuminos. Either she was taoght this way, or somehow got the two confused, but it was funny nonetheless.
Yo Dave! You only have to hit the reply key once buddy.
I knew he was black, and I wanted to buy the guy a drink. But the elites did him a bigger favor by suddenly finding him a girlfriend, Not!
I have a friend who "mines" bitcoins using high-end graphics cards. He then sells them to the exchanges. This is the only smart way to make income from them IMO. Kinda like the only floks who "struck it rich" during the various gold rushes were the ones who sold the miners their supplies.
You beat me to the punch on that one. It tells me that this guy is living in never-never land.
It's worth noting that you call your self a "heterosexual". While you refer to your friends as "gay" as opposed to "homosexual". The word "gay" means to be happy, which could apply to any human relationship. I have relatives who are homosexual, we get along just fine. It's their business and not for me to pass judgement on IMO. But that doens't change the fact that what has been happening lately goes beyond "acceptance". His #5 statement speaks not to "acceptance" but to the current climate of "embrace our lifestyle, or we will label you homophobic!" I personally don't want to "embrace" the lifestyle of homosexual men any more than I want to "embrace" the lifestyle of men who obsess over spectator sports. I don't give a s#it what they do in their private lives, but that doesn't mean I would want to hang out with them either.
It seems since Obama has been in office that Bill has bent over backwards to "give him the reason of a doubt" far enough to give himself a dental exam from the inside. Either he's been bought or threatned.
"I mean" You are referring to "like, ya know" aren't you? :)
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