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I was also married to a foreign national and I can tell you that while it may not be legal, lots of illegals do vote. When my husband got his driver's license, he was mailed a voter registration card. I assume this is a problem with the 'motor-voter' program. Apart form my anecdotal evidence, there are reports form all over the country that where voter registration is tied to the issuance of driver's licenses, people whoa re not eligible to vote are being registered and getting voter registration cards. Without voter ID laws, these people can and do vote.
Yes, he does. And he invites all of them to follow him so that they can enjoy a relationship with God. I hope they all do, because followers of Jesus are compelled to try their hardest not to commit any sins, and when they falter, to confess and make amends. Lying and breaking the law are sins. If these illegals become good Christians, they would turn themselves in and/or self-deport.
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VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

clidke frawley Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 7:36 PM
I think the elite politicians are, as usual, completely out of touch with regular people. They are very used to lying and getting away with it. Despite roughly 3 decades of the internet being widely used by everyone, they haven't yet figured out that people can and will expose their lies. It's almost funny how hard they work to control the MSM--as if we have no other sources of information.
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Educational Fraud

clidke frawley Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 11:42 AM
Well, hunger and homelessness are usually pretty good motivators. I have no problem providing public support for people who CAN'T take care of themselves--the disabled, for example. I also have no problem providing public funding for second-chance type programs so kids who made stupid decisions (like dropping out of school) and later on recognize the foolishness of those decisions have an avenue to improve themselves. But for those who choose not to apply themselves, who choose to do nothing to better their own lot in life, who refuse to accept responsibility for their own choices--screw them. For some people, only the prospect (or the reality) of going hungry will motivate them. Increasing cash payments to such people, easing requirements for assistance and even raising minimum wage for jobs that aren't worth $15 an hour only serves to perpetuate the situation. If we want people to get out of poverty, we need to provide opportunity, not hand-outs. And if some chose not to take advantage of those opportunities, then they can live with those choices.
What does "fiscally progressive" mean? I am guessing you mean government money to the poor, or perhaps universal government-run healthcare, but am asking clarification. Also, if that is what you mean, do you still support 'fiscal progressiveness" when it means the government has to borrow money to make those payments? I'm curious because most Christians I know consider it a moral responsibility to stay out of debt, and would find it objectionable for the government to incur debt we cannot pay.
I have no problem with whatever sexual behavior consenting adults choose to engage in, but I would encourage you to drop the "It's NATURAL!" argument. Tsunamis, arsenic, poisonous plants, earthquakes, floods, radiation, Ebola, birth defects.....All natural, none of them good.
So your theory is that Brown did nothing at all, Wilson dragged Brown into his SUV, and then shot him both in the car and as he was running away? And Wilson beat himself up?
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What Ebola Has Revealed About Us

clidke frawley Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 8:13 AM
Excellent point. I completely forgot about his cutting off flights to Israel. There was no outcry from the left then--tells you a lot.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

clidke frawley Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 9:10 AM
Let's say for a moment I accept your premise (I don't, but let's pretend we agree). What is your proposed solution? Right now, they have stated that their mission is to establish a global caliphate and to force conversion on everyone and kill those who refuse to convert. In addition, their belief system includes such gems as FGM, stoning women for adultery, the death penalty for homosexual behavior, complete lack of women's rights (though men have the right to rape them), death to anyone who would leave the religion, death to anyone who insults the prophet and on and on and on. What do you suggest we do? Pursue diplomatic solutions with an enemy who says every single day that nothing less than complete destruction of Western civilization will satisfy them?
Replying to myself as I forgot to mention....I disagree with you assertion that the beliefs and actions of a fringe group must be accepted as tenants of the faith just because the fringe group decides to usurp the mainstream group's name. There is no such implication. If the mainstream wants to clear that up, though, and the fringe won't cooperate, then the mainstream can either whine or change their name, as I said above. Or ignore it, I suppose, and have to constantly explain that they don't agree with the fringe. Whatever they choose is fine with me, but it is entirely up the members of the faith to define themselves.
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