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"Most people" do not have "at least average intelligence". If that were true, then it wouldn't be the average. Roughly speaking about half the population has below average intelligence. On top of that, average intelligence is pretty pathetic. Consider a C student to be of average intelligence. Manufacturing and trades are excellent jobs for people who don't have the intelligence to do white collar work. Those are good, honorable jobs and anyone should be proud to say they are a construction worker, a brick layer, a plumber, etc. Today we (society) seems to shun such vocations and pushes everyone to go to college, which is why a BA today isn't worth squat. Not everyone should go to college. College should be for those who are smarter, and it should be a lot harder (as it used to be). I agree, of course, that we have lost a lot of manufacturing jobs and that is problematic, but there is still a need for skilled tradesmen--you can't outsource your plumbing needs. We need to stop pushing people of average or below intelligence into universities to study 'diversity' and instead encourage them to gain useful skills with which they could support themselves.
Actually, he's not. He converted to Islam in 2004 and has been funded by the gov of Sudan and the Muslim Brotherhood ever since. Here's a couple links for you--tons more out there: http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/02/obama-state-dept-claims-terrorist-is-a-christian-but-he-was-funded-by-muslim-state-sponsor-of-terrorism-that-worked-for-obamas-brother/ http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article2045
I noted this up thread, but it's wroth repeating: Kony converted to Islam in 2004, and has been receiving funding from Muslim groups ever since. If he ever was a Christian, he isn't ow and hasn't been for a long time. I encourage everyone to google "Kony, Islam" and get the facts so we can counter leftists (and apparently our government) when they lie.
Can't believe TH missed this, but in 2004 the Sudan Tribune reported that Kony had converted to Islam: http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article2045. He is funded by Muslim groups as well, as reported by Shoebat: "A huge problem for Harf is that Kony has been funded by the Muslim Government of Sudan for years and that government is led by none other than Omar al-Bashir, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. Even U.S. Special Forces who traveled to the region insisted that al-Bashir was harboring Kony. Sudan is also one of four countries currently on the State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism…..Why would a so-called Christian terrorist be funded by a wanted Muslim terrorist?" Kony may have been a christian at one time, but not for at least the last decade.
You left some important stuff out of Franklin's quote. I suspect that was intentional. Franklin was not supporting socialism or communism, as your except seems to imply. Franklin was referring to "debt duly contracted" on behalf of the people. He was saying that if the government, through the representatives of the people, incurred debt on their behalf, it is the obligation of the people to pay the debt. One should consider that Franklin was speaking about a system wherein people actually had representation in the government and had a means to make their views known and heard--not the situation we have today where you might get a form letter back from your 'representative", if you're lucky. Based on Franklin's other writings, he also would be appalled at disgusted at the number of things our government now sticks it's fingers into and the obscene amount of debt they have amassed and burdened the people with.
But the insurance companies aren't telling people they CAN'T use their private property in a certain way. They may be saying it will cost you more for a policy because the risk is now higher, which is perfectly legitimate and fair--that's how insurance works. If you don't want to pay more home owners insurance then don't--take on the financial risk yourself. The insurance company isn't going to stop you from operating your business. But the government will. If you were poor and wanted to get out of poverty, there are lots of things an industrious person could do to get themselves ahead. Selling loosies is actually a great example. But the government won't allow it because they can't claim their piece of the action. Even if it weren't illegal, they would require permits and impose other costly regulations which make it impossible for my fictitious poor person to engage in productive activity to better his/her own situation. This is the problem.
The insurance company isn't telling you what to do, they are telling you what your policy covers (or not). If you decide to be an Uber driver, it's your responsibility to understand the risk. If your insurance company wouldn't cover you as an Uber operator, then you should either buy a different policy that meets your needs or cosigner if Uber is the business you want to get in to. This is basic planning, which one should do before starting any business.
That's a decision for the AirB2B or Uber operators. In a free society, they should be free to take whatever level of risk they feel comfortable with (and they should be responsible for the consequences). Are you just pointing out these issues, or are you arguing against these businesses?
I was also married to a foreign national and I can tell you that while it may not be legal, lots of illegals do vote. When my husband got his driver's license, he was mailed a voter registration card. I assume this is a problem with the 'motor-voter' program. Apart form my anecdotal evidence, there are reports form all over the country that where voter registration is tied to the issuance of driver's licenses, people whoa re not eligible to vote are being registered and getting voter registration cards. Without voter ID laws, these people can and do vote.
Yes, he does. And he invites all of them to follow him so that they can enjoy a relationship with God. I hope they all do, because followers of Jesus are compelled to try their hardest not to commit any sins, and when they falter, to confess and make amends. Lying and breaking the law are sins. If these illegals become good Christians, they would turn themselves in and/or self-deport.
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