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umm so yeah....
Conservatives do have a "Minority Problem, "http://townhall.com/tipsheet/elisabethmeinecke/2013/01/16/the-gop-message-or-minority-probem-n1489116
What excellent coverage of this story! Not, this article is just taking up the space on the website. Great hard hitting breaking news coverage Townhall.com. I thought you this website was " a Leading Source for Conservatives". #hashtag
cayate la boca! te quiero Taco Bell!
that congressman is a fool. so out of touch. "everybody has a job" he should get smacked down for that one
they are undocumented democrats
Criminals demanding that their crime pays.
I don't believe that our representatives are doing what we want them to. Deport the illegal immigrants......they are breaking our laws!
they give immigrants a bad name
I guess the plan is to make slaves out of the working Americans. Immigration in this country used to be about human rights...now it is about something for nothing.
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