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The Winning Campaign Advice

Cleombrotus2011 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 10:00 AM
No, let's face the real truth about our political evolution. Politics is a measure of the philosophical foundations by which the populace measures what they accept as true and what they reject as either implausible of unrealistic. The underlying philosophy of the American people has undergone a sea change in the last 50 or more years and the principles upon which we once built the political, cultural, moral, economic, and aesthetic structure of the country are no longer understood or recognized. Analyzing demographics or strategies that do not take this into account is simply throwing good money after bad.
"How to Win an Election" is a little primer, published by Princeton University Press, that flew out of bookstores just in time for the Nov. 6 election. The bright red cover reminded some older purchasers of Chairman Mao's famous "little red book" of a generation ago. Several hundred copies seem to have found their way to President Obama's election headquarters in Chicago.

Not that the Obama campaign actually took any of the advice -- about how to lie, exaggerate and make promises impossible to keep.

"If a politician made only promises he was sure he could keep," the author advises, "he...