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It's a Twittersweet Symphony, This Life

Cleombrotus2011 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 8:58 AM
Expecting Twitter to result in " space (being) created for mutual listening, and deeper human relationships becom(ing) possible" is like expecting a church to grow out of a Townhall thread.

Rome -- "Where people are, the Word of God must be," a priest from Washington state, in the holy city for a conference on the Church in America, told an Italian media outlet.

The simple explanation did make clear why one of the most learned, reserved, holy men on the planet was dipping his toes into Twitter.

When the pope sent his first post on the popular social media platform, two grandmotherly women from the Philippines were sitting near me. "Pope -- Twitter!" they said to me with radiant smiles. "Thanks be to God!" they continued. There was a language barrier, it turned...