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The Top 8 Things to Think About

Cleombrotus2011 Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 7:31 AM
Good thoughts. One of my favorite passages. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement this morning.
Homosexuality is the trifecta of dysfunction. It is a distortion of the lowest form of Love; that of "eros"; it is a distortion of natural masculinity; and it is a distortion of God's law. What could go wrong?
"With all due respect, congressman, I don’t think Ted Cruz gives a damn about making friends in Washington. " Exactly. That "making friends" comment says more about King than I suspect he realizes.
Oh man, would I have a blast in one of their "sensitivity classes".
I'm not even sure I'd call him articulate. He's definitely not a deep thinker though.
There is truth in Ms. King's critique of Ann Coulter's writing and debate skills but she leaves out the idea that Ms. Coulter isn't trying to channel H L Mencken or anyone else. What she is doing, and Ms. King fails to either notice this or doesn't care, is to use the Left's own tactics on them. We can enjoy Ms. King's writing style and her thinking skills (which I do) and we can also enjoy Ms. Coulter's. But for different reasons.
The larger problem is why aren't the media screaming about this?
No. A fool has an excuse. He is no fool. He is dangerous.
It would be like Pakistan's complaints about our violating their national sovereignty when we got to Bin Laden becoming eerily quiet after the 30 Navy Seals' chopper was downed in Afghanistan
"The Left is at war with the Right, and the Right thinks it's having a political discussion." Anon.
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