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"With all due respect, congressman, I don’t think Ted Cruz gives a damn about making friends in Washington. " Exactly. That "making friends" comment says more about King than I suspect he realizes.
Oh man, would I have a blast in one of their "sensitivity classes".
I'm not even sure I'd call him articulate. He's definitely not a deep thinker though.
There is truth in Ms. King's critique of Ann Coulter's writing and debate skills but she leaves out the idea that Ms. Coulter isn't trying to channel H L Mencken or anyone else. What she is doing, and Ms. King fails to either notice this or doesn't care, is to use the Left's own tactics on them. We can enjoy Ms. King's writing style and her thinking skills (which I do) and we can also enjoy Ms. Coulter's. But for different reasons.
The larger problem is why aren't the media screaming about this?
No. A fool has an excuse. He is no fool. He is dangerous.
It would be like Pakistan's complaints about our violating their national sovereignty when we got to Bin Laden becoming eerily quiet after the 30 Navy Seals' chopper was downed in Afghanistan
"The Left is at war with the Right, and the Right thinks it's having a political discussion." Anon.
Can we please stop calling them "The Left"? What, exactly, is "The Left"? Is it simply a more subtle or refined form of Conservatism? A better Republicanism? No. Put simply, when you scratch beneath the surface you find that the political philosophy espoused by "The Left" is actually Communism. When guys like Ben Affleck say, "I was raised as a man of the Left" he is really saying, "I was raised as a Communist". Can we please get it right? We are simply helping obscure the debate when we use these terms. Similarly, "Red state" and "Blue state". It's no accident that "The Left" quickly moved to change their designation from red state to blue state. They don't want the cat to be let out of the bag just yet.
I'm still not convinced that "affecting the culture" is really what Christian faith is supposed to be about. When I first became a Christian, I clearly recall seeing how the "culture" was earth bound and the Gospel was otherworldly and the two can never be reconciled. Personally, I think the early Christians had it about right. They'd be scratching their heads as to why we'd even be interested in what Hollywood was about.
The fact remains, DoctorX, that this is the most unpopular First Lady we've ever had. And it's not because of inherent racism but because of the spirit she projects. The average American can see what she's made of. It's impossible for her to hide it.
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