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Thoughts from Across the Atlantic

clb2012now Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 12:17 AM
I want a President that can stand up for himself, his record, his policies and AMERICA.  Obama did not.  I was not surprised by Obama during the debate but many were. So to those that were, which President is going to show up for work tomorrow? Obama does not attend meeting with his job council, doesn't have department meeting, hadn't been having his security briefings. What I did NOT hear in the debate was what Obama is going to do with his next term and his "flexibility" He already goes around Congress so that is no deterrent. He refused to help other Democrats with their elections so that is no deterrent. What is he going to do? What plans? How does he expect to accomplish them? Some of us at home do get it!
karpe diem Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 12:54 AM
you can be sure you will get more of the same on steroids. knowing that he will never face the voters again he will do exactly what he wants and he knows that the republicans will not either censure him or impeach him, because if they were going to do that he should have been impeached right after his cairo speech. he should be impeached for the killing of four of our people in Benghazi. but he was not, so he seems to say i am not afraid of the stupid americans, and i think he has a point there. if it were up to me he would have been out of office three years ago. so he feels he has the freedom to destroy this country. so many idiots are supporting him and indeed made him president, he is not wrong. but the saddest thing of all is that he i
karpe diem Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 12:56 AM
is cheating the young people of this country out of their future, he knows it but he does not care, and they are too stupid to realize that they have no future, they can only be saved if romney is elected, but i m afraid many of the young college indoctrinated will still vote for him, and if not then the Latinos and the black will. america is lost forever.
Jeffrey286 Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 12:59 AM
Impeaching a president is not an easy, or quick, process.

Obama's speech in Cairo is not enough reason to impeach. They don't yet have evidence to go forward to prosecute for Fast & Furious and the attack in Benghazi just happened and has not yet been fully investigated.

At this point and time, it isn't worth it to try and impeach Obama. It's easier just to let him stand reelection and HOPE the American people do the right thing. If Obama wins, I expect the Republicans WILL try and impeach him in early 2014, if not earlier.
Well, it's always a clarifying thing to be out of the country, but while in Europe recently and getting US news through a Euro/global filter. Things have also taken what looks like a decisive turn. Almost all the elements of impending disaster are in place.

The Fed, seemingly following the path of the ECB, announces QE3 just after the Euros commit to unlimited backing of EU debtor nations. Easy money is here to stay on both sides of the Atlantic. In London they are taking measures to rival Singapore as a reminbi center. Don't get this news in the US -...