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This administration and it'd lackeys just don't get it. This was not a criminal act, that requires a homicide investigation. This was an act of war and a direct challenge to the US and our feckless leader, and equally feckless liberal ( and in their own minds) ruling class.
You can guarantee the persons arrested for assaulting the officer and vandalism were black. Why you may ask? Because there race was not mentioned.
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Mend, Don’t End, the VA

Clayton43 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 6:17 AM
End it. The VA is a classic example of the road to he'll bring paved by good intentions. Experience shows us that fundamental change is almost impossible to something like the VA - every rule, policy, and practice can be endlessly rationalized, dooming any effort to change to just tweaking on the edges. The only way to generate reform is to end this socialized medicine system root and branch. Start over with something that does only that which is absolutely necessary (not available through the public sector ).
He showed his true colors firing Katrina - hysterical and unbalanced. Nothing surprising here - he seems to have as much intellectual depth as a baby's bath tub.
I think the charts reflect a couple of things that are indicative of government interference. The sluggishness due to the fed and facial policy is stipulated as a given. 1) Retirement eligible seniors are choosing to not retire due to uncertainty over the economy. They've been around long enough to know that the current print it an spend it fed policy will result in malignant inflation at some point. The question is not if but when. Those same policies are artificially depressing interest rates which negatively impacts return on their savings, making it difficult to retire without cutting into their principal sooner rather than later. 2) The high unemployment in young is a direct result of minimum wage and an education system that turns out young adults with no preparation or skills for the job market - making the seniors more attractive to employers. The unavoidable fact is our public education system has been in decline since the day the federal government began its 'benign' interference back in the '60s. One could say that Hollywood aggravated the situation by portraying anyone who tries to learn as a nerd, a geek, and socially unacceptable. To teens trying to develop self confidence and establish their place, it is a deadly message to them and our society.
As long as Eric Holder Controls the DOJ and Congress continues to give the Executive branch a pass on selective enforcement of laws, nothing is going to change. Heck, the GOP establishment can hardly wait to continue the practice. Only a complete house cleaning and across the board term limits, combined with Up or out policy of federal civil servants will start the process of trimming back the beast that is eating America.
Eliminate "lifetime" politicians with laws restricting all elected officials to two term- period. End the public service unions and insure that no government civil service position earns more than 90% of the average wage for a comparable public sector job, eliminate all performance bonuses for government jobs. That is a practice appropriate to a for profit business, and absolutely inappropriate for a government civil service position. Up or out for envy civil servant job holder with 20 yrs service and a law with criminal penalties prohibiting them from returning as a consultant or going to work for any company that their department has paid for services or materials.
Building on my first comment, it paints a very poor picture of our upper military command. Bureaucrats, political cronies, paper pushers - but not war fighters. The entire pentagon and regional command looks like a home for can't do, and should be sent out to earn their living at some of those part time Burger King jobs this administration is so proud of.
It's what is not being asked and said that is the most damning. Read between the lines - our forces were obviously not on any type of alert or ready response status, despite the date (9/11) and increased unrest. Directly contradicts testimony given by other including Clinton that response/alert status had been increased.
Making the aristocrats, er, bureaucrats realize that they must be more open is a waste of time. It is an embedded culture which can only be eliminated by massive/total terminations and by exposing the system to competition - no more single payer. That also means a change of paradigm. VA must not be a health care provider, but an insurance 'benefit' competing in the market place and providing payment, not services. Vets must be left free to make their own choices, including selecting benefit plans from others if that fits their needs
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