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Unfortunately this sounds like a repeat of the Lacrosse team gang rape story. The media wanted it to be true, do tried and convicted the team in the press. Yet they offered no apology it it was determined the supposed victim had lied about everything.
I believe the article is factually incorrect about the funding for ICE. Yes it collects fees, but it does not automatically get those fees as an operating budget. It has to submit a budget request and have the allocation be approved. The meme that any government agency that is self funded and exempt from congressional oversight is completely false.
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A Tent Too Big

Clayton43 Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 8:12 AM
The first issue I take is your view that a single front runner at this point is somehow desirable. The situation with Hillary is in my opinion a good example of the toxicity within the Dem party toward anyone outside the 'machine'. The GOP problem has been the RNC and establishment's poorly hidden desire to be Dem lite. The announced surrender on Obamacare by McConnell and Paul before the GOP majority can take office shows how pernicious this is. The TNC needs debates but only a few - anything more than three is just feeding the circular firing squad that the Dems and liberal moderators chosen last time are all too eager to facilitate. 2012 was another shining example of the GOP establishment pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. I think it is too much to assume the party leadership is so stupid as to allow the brand and candidate to be so thoroughly tarnished is an accident.
I think the answer is self evident. Obama would not have nominated her if he felt there was any threat of her actually enforcing the law and Constitution as written.
So, in the real world outside of government this would be considered a conspiracy to defraud, and likely come under RICO criminal laws which would provide criminal convictions even for those that just 'looked the other way'. Isn't politics just great... (NOT!) It's time we demanded that our politicians at least meet the standards of conduct that the law expects of the everyday "too stupid to know better" citizen.
The idiocy of our Administration and the CDC administrator is almost unbelievable. Until you read about the 1916 influenza epidemic and the early decisions made then. Unfortunately Wilson was another Zpresident who didn't want waste a crises and attack the Constitution. Which is why you will find nothing about the epidemic in US primary school history texts. By the way, anyone seen or heard from the Surgeon General latelyL I'm no fan of Cuomo, but I applaud their decision.
This administration and it'd lackeys just don't get it. This was not a criminal act, that requires a homicide investigation. This was an act of war and a direct challenge to the US and our feckless leader, and equally feckless liberal ( and in their own minds) ruling class.
You can guarantee the persons arrested for assaulting the officer and vandalism were black. Why you may ask? Because there race was not mentioned.
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Mend, Don’t End, the VA

Clayton43 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 6:17 AM
End it. The VA is a classic example of the road to he'll bring paved by good intentions. Experience shows us that fundamental change is almost impossible to something like the VA - every rule, policy, and practice can be endlessly rationalized, dooming any effort to change to just tweaking on the edges. The only way to generate reform is to end this socialized medicine system root and branch. Start over with something that does only that which is absolutely necessary (not available through the public sector ).
He showed his true colors firing Katrina - hysterical and unbalanced. Nothing surprising here - he seems to have as much intellectual depth as a baby's bath tub.
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