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Making the aristocrats, er, bureaucrats realize that they must be more open is a waste of time. It is an embedded culture which can only be eliminated by massive/total terminations and by exposing the system to competition - no more single payer. That also means a change of paradigm. VA must not be a health care provider, but an insurance 'benefit' competing in the market place and providing payment, not services. Vets must be left free to make their own choices, including selecting benefit plans from others if that fits their needs
Actually they're either ignorant and lying or lying and hoping everyone else is ignorant. The government, like most.bisinesses that use networked applications, runs Microsoft Exchange as it's email system. Outook Or any other email app is just the user front end. The emails reside on the servers, and as Ollie North learned, there are always backups and copies. I said servers, rather than server since most Enterprise systems use server clusters for redundancy - not counting the backup system which is likely another networked drive array. Short of a blast like the aliens used in Independence Day, it's all but impossible those emails are gone - short of direct human intervention.
The overwhelming problem with the GOP is there is an abject lack of leadership in the true sense of there being leaders that can inspire and rally their followers. They have Boehner, McCain, etc. who think other should follow simply because of their position without the slightest ability to really lead. The debacle the GOP has faced, consistently snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a direct result of that leadership failure. Boehner/et.al stumble from one crisis to another, unable to articulate a position other than opposition and unable to bring the party to coalesce behind a set of positive positions/alternatives. Unlike the false meme from the Dems, the GOP has a wealth of ideas and options; the problem is there has been no leadership to arrive at an internal consensus as to what the alternatives/options they should be championing. If you believe this is by design rather than due to the lack of leadership ability, then it is the position of the gutless, oppose but present nothing that can be attacked. By default this leaves the nation no option other than what the Dems/Obama propose, which is what we've suffered for the last eight years.
I agree that the Boehner/GOP leadership failed us all by refusing to go into conference on the two budget proposals. It played directly into Obama/Dems hands and showed that the leadership has no more interest in addressing the budget than Obama does. I disagree on the need for immigration reform. The single largest contributor to the current crisis is the deliberate failure by this and previous administrations to enforce existing law. The only thing extraordinary about this Administration is the breadth of the laws they refuse to enforce and the liberties they've taken with the Constitutional limits on executive Power. That this abuse has gone unchallenged except for meaningless theatre (without any concrete action planned or ever intended), shows the culpability of the entire Congress in this attack on the rule of law in this country.
Going back to Fast and Furious, I've felt all along that this was cover for someone who was either profiting or repaying a "deal" with the drug cartels - it is a simpler explanation than saying an entire management team went off the reservation. This story backs up that there is a link between the Chicagoans in DC and the cartels.
I can't disagree with the claim of Obama being the worst president in history, but would have to put Carter next, followed by Johnson then Bush. The genesis of most of the issues that plague the US in fiscal policy, originated or were exacerbated under Johnson. The genesis of the entire suite of Mid East terrorist issues owe their start to Carter. Bush just went along, driven by the need to redeem is father for failing to finish Iraqs military the first time. Obama has taken everything - spending and feckless foreign policy the next level, shielded by media from any public reprisal of the consequences.
The May issue of Trains magazine indicates that the major rail transport companies are investigating conversion to LNG fuel as well. Initial study/experimental locomotives indicate the changeover pays for its self within the first 5 years and significantly reduces their operating expenses (at the current natural gas vs. diesel price point). It also appears to allow them to meet all current and new emissions standards without the additional expense of converting current diesel drivers (or replacing them) for units with stricter emissions control.
Only a brief observation of what, to me, is obvious given the personalities involved. Hillary Clinton may not have personally asked to alter the talking points for reasons having to do with personal hubris regarding Obama and a modicum of self preservation by maintaining plausible deniability. However, there is no way that such a request to alter official documents went from the State Department to the White House without her direct knowledge and authorization. The same can be said for Obama on the other end of the request. Anyone who thinks otherwise might be interested in some ocean front property in Nebraska...
Few probably remember about 25 years ago the "greenies" were horrified that a controlled hunt was going to held in the Everglades to prevent starvation of the overpopulated deer heard. They won an injuction and to much media coverage and they managed to finally (after several weeks) capture and relocate less than 8 deer. Since the wildlife biologists had determined that about 100 times that number needed to be harvested to save the heard from starvation, you may discern that they were unsuccessful. Once it became apparent that this effort was a failure, all media coverage ceased. Florida was forced to backtrack and reinstate the hunt in an effort to save the herd. Due to the delay imposed by the greenies, it was not as completely successfu
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Gays Don’t Have a Right to Marriage

Clayton43 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 12:41 PM
Everyone should be concerned, particulary if the SCOTUS decides to rule on this. The appropriate venue is in local/state government. SCOTUS intervention will serve to polarize this issue and prevent any realistic "settlement", just as it has done with the abortion discussion.
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