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Perhaps the White House knew you lived in Colorado Springs Michelle.
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The Coming DNC Disaster

ClayK Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 7:42 PM
The convention will only be a catastrophe if a sufficient number of robots fail to see things as they really are and urge America to gleefully continue down the same path to perdition. Open eyes wide, look around you, examine your wallet, check on your neighbor, hear from your church, observe your schools, accept reality. Make the change.
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Vulgarians On The Loose!

ClayK Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 10:50 AM
I doth think that female is an anal orifice. I wish this prune brain would bring her Jewish rabbi to come forth and state to the media, "my religion makes abortion mandatory."
Hey Michelle, you and Coulter are the best. Keep it up!
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Dear Graduates: You’re Screwed!

ClayK Wrote: May 27, 2012 12:49 PM
I saw the stats over the past several years where LEGAL immigration is waaaaay up. Why? We need to put a lid on it, as you have indicated. Just another indication of how the government is inept and out-of-touch. Perhaps we need to look more closely at many of the cushy, overpaid federal jobs.
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The $2 Billion Lesson

ClayK Wrote: May 19, 2012 10:19 PM
Doesn't it make sense for our federal government regulators to handle financial fiascos in chronological order. Oh, wait, of course that is logical, except if the older issue might involve one of their darlings. The MF Global mess, with former New Jersey Governor John Corzine, STILL has $1.6 billion unaccounted for, and involved a last minute $200 million transfer of funds from MF Global to JP Morgan. Old news, I suppose. But what kind of money did Corzine pocket on his way out? Not a peep out of our dear government when it doesn't suit their agenda.
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The Student-Loan Scam

ClayK Wrote: May 06, 2012 6:19 PM
Michael, you have the facts on your side, but the Pres has the vote-enticing propaganda. "I'm with ya" excites his student bodies, especially when others pick up the tab. Forget our deficit. Forget the truth. Why else would Obama have the government take over the student loan program in the first place.
NOTE: Upon reading some of the comments below, there is some confusion if the quote is from Mr. Adams or President Obama. The quote is from Mr. Adams.
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Maureen Dowd Blows Her Cool

ClayK Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 11:47 PM
Perhaps the greatest area of talent exhibited by Ms. Dowd is in the art of persuasion. Notice how skillfully she attempts to convince all of us that the conservatives on the bench are simultaneously lacking a clear understanding of the Constitution and the proper (i.e her) way of interpreting it. When Obamacare is overturned Maureen will managed to stay employed another eight years, provided she undergo severe anger management, and maybe shock therapy.
Make sure you use "diversity" in your grant application, such as "We offer a broad diversity of sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions......" At the bottom, include the "vital" economic jargon that will be overlooked, such as "We build out Sustain-O solar panels for $300 each and will try to sell them for $200 each." "This is a "new breed" technology, perfected in 1912, that promises to impress a gullible bureaucracy....bla....bla....bla." "So, please, give us, uh, $500 million, so we can cash in." "We'll try awfully hard to earn it."
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