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Che Guevara in Chicago

clawrence Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 1:00 PM
The unions are unnecessary in a modern society. They protect only the worst workers, they encourage work slowdowns, and they steal wages from families in the name of "dues". 10 years of working alongside Teamsters taught me one thing: the unions are pathetic slimeballs who do nothing but drain the company they work for. 10% of union labor does 90% of the work, 80% pretend theyre working, and the bottom 10%, well, theyre just coddled by the union stewards/reps. Its a pathetic and embarrassing showcase of American workers...and only the union slaves love the union.
You just knew Che Guevara would show up as an icon of the union demonstrators in Chicago. Why? Well, let’s consider the factors in this demonstration by union-educators who were mostly educated by other union-educators.

*Che Guevara outlawed trade unions. Then-- at Soviet gun-point-- he herded all recalcitrant Cuban union-members into forced-labor camps and sent their rebellious union-leaders to the firing squad.

* The union members clamoring for more union privileges in Chicago while wearing t-shirts hailing this murderous Stalinist union-buster and hailing him as a “role model” are mostly products of America’s public schools-- and keen...