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They did not refuse to sell them products they display for sale in their store. What they did refuse, and rightfully so, was to manufacture a product (i.e. baking a cake) that symbolizes a concept in strong conflict with their moral standards, religious or otherwise.
anderson659, among the several responses to my comment yours is, without doubt, the most irrational one. (1) Please submit at least 3 examples in support of your claim that I am “as usual . . . dead wrong”. (2) The possibility of offering evidence is not evidence. If you believe that you actually have evidence proving the non-existence of unicorns, please provide it. (3) As a true atheist I do not deny the existence of God, I simply to not believe that God exists (a subtle but fundamental difference as I have previously stated). (4) What real evidence of God’s existence have I “foolishly” denied? Have you submitted any? Your irrational statements suggest that you are the one with delusions.
pascagoulapappy, everything you say is correct. However, all you have established is the probability, not proof positive, that flying pigs do not exist. And claims of personal experiences with God are just that: claims. They are not proof of God's existence.
oldshortfatboy, you shouldn't make assumptions without supporting evidence.
psydoc, I hope you will be back today.
psydoc, what challenge? As an atheist I do not claim that God does not exist, I simply don't believe that he does (a subtle but fundamental difference!). If you claim that God does exist then the burden of proof to support your claim is yours. I did not attempt ridicule anywhere in my post. If you want to read ridicule into it that's your problem alone.
psydoc, I responded to your request for logical and scientific proof of God's non-existence. That's all.
It is logically impossible to prove non-existence of any kind. Proving of existence is always the burden of whoever claims it. Prove to me "using logic and science" that flying pigs don't exist (and NO, I am NOT claiming they do) and you will see what I mean.
So you are saying that our enemies who cut the throats of Americans they have captured are protected by our Constitution and have the right not to be tortured?
Nobody? I quote Big O7: "The ultimate punishment is AUTHORIZED by the US Constitution and it is MANDATED by the God of the Bible."
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