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So you are saying that our enemies who cut the throats of Americans they have captured are protected by our Constitution and have the right not to be tortured?
Nobody? I quote Big O7: "The ultimate punishment is AUTHORIZED by the US Constitution and it is MANDATED by the God of the Bible."
Since you're not smart enough to get the point I was making there is no use trying to explain it to you now.
No qualms to murder a murderer, have you? Put yourself on the same level with him, would you? Why am I not surprised!
faoman, CRA should have been in solitary confinement for his first capital offence without ever having the opportunity to organize three additional murders from within the prison and giving cause to ajb3's question in the first place.
You know what is sick? Hiding your lynch mob mentality behind bible quotes and claiming to know "God's view on the matter". And please tell me exactly where our Constitution claims that the death penalty is "mandated by the God of the Bible".
If you believe in the death penalty, what would you have done? Execute him three times.
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Here Comes Tomorrow

Claus4 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 12:12 PM
"sinful, evil-thinking, lustful, conniving liars and thieves" ... and that's what god created? ...in his own image, no less?
"Who are you to say what God will not do for us through prayer." And who are you to say that he will?
Unless you have empirical evidence that homosexuality is genetic -- which I don't believe you do -- then it HAS to be matter of choice.
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