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Georgia Elementary School Verse: ‘Obama Ran So Our Children Could Fly’

ClassicalTeacher Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 3:37 PM
This has been going on in public schools for decades. It's just been subtle. Now that we have a commie in the WH for 4 more years, it's no holds barred. The entire public school system should be abolished including the NEA, public school boards, public school curricula, textbooks and school teachers.

TUCKER, Ga. – It’s no secret government schools have put President Obama on a pedestal unlike any other national leader.

Schools have been named after him long before his retirement or death, which is rather unprecedented. Students have been led in organized chants of his honored name. There are lesson plans comparing him to Abraham Lincoln.

But sometimes school employees take the rhetoric a bit too far and wind up in propaganda territory. The latest example comes from DeKalb County, Georgia.

For Black History Month, Livsey Elementary School created a cute display with the lines:

Rosa sat…so Martin could walk.