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Occupy Anarchists Coming to the RNC: Bricks, Pipes Found

clarityseeker2 Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 6:51 PM
smtty41PB "why you flagging me?" Who said I was flaggng you? Never even noticed you. BUT-------------------------NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT-------why are you dialogueing with a Serial Spammer and someone who has been banned 4 times in the last 24 hours? You like beating your head aainst the wall?
Smitty41inPB Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 6:58 PM
what algae said, and not dialoging only providing a link to show his lie for that it is
algae Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 6:54 PM
It was the position of your "1" post in that thread meaning you flagged the spammer. I believe he misread your intent because of the sequence.

Just like in 2008.....

"Disrupting speech by any means necessary."



The Department of Homeland Security has also confirmed anarchist groups are planning to disrupt the convention.

Liberty Chick over at Breitbart has been warning about violence for months and...