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Democrats Step Up for Big Business Defense Contractors

clarityseeker2 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 8:07 AM
This is the one time since Election Day where Obama does not have the upper hand. He had it in the fiscal cliff negotiations because you would have had automatic hikes in taxes, which is what Republicans did not want. So they had no good options. However, this time, the shoe is on the other foot. This time if the Republicans do nothing, then you will get these severe cuts, $1.2 trillion, half in domestic, half in defense spending. "Obama is the one who suggested it in the negotiations on the debt ceiling in 2011, but now he doesn't want them at all.... Republicans will do nothing and they should do nothing and demand if the president wants to avoid this, you do the cuts but do them somewhere else but no tax increases."
clarityseeker2 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 8:14 AM
Despite what other posters are intimating here, $600 Billion is at stake in military cuts. A significant number, very significant. THen thee is equal cuts in domestic spending.

THIS IS WHAT OBAMA WANTED. He is the one who set the terms in 2011, whe the debt ceiling was raised. Now? Now he wants to point at the republicans again----for the very thing he set in motion.
He wants NO cuts. Period.
He is whining about these big defense contractors as a ploy to make it appear his opposition is going to force untold thousands from jobs----when it is he who set these conditions up.

NO ONE BUT OBAMA IS RESPONSIBLE HERE. The guy who voted, "present" 130 times as Illinois state senator is in trouble with his own feckless wrangling...

In a surprising role reversal, Democrats have been pushing to repeal cuts to the budget of the Department of Defense that are scheduled to go into effect on March 1 as part of the budget sequester. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have gone on offense to protect Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Boeing from losing orders on valuable government contracts.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told students at Georgetown University that a "a dangerous and callous attitude" is "developing among some Republicans and some Democrats, that these dangerous cuts can be allowed...