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When you get something for free, is it really worth anything?
What is MRCTV (My Rich Cousin?), and why should I believe anything from an organization I've never heard of?
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De Blasio vs. The NYPD

Clarence62 Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 8:17 PM
Why are New York cops even showing up at city hall. It's readily apparent they aren't wanted. Maybe blasi's neighborhood needs to find out what happens when patrols don't happen. Of course they need to make sure everyone knows they're not going to be there, just so the protesters will know where to hang out.
To answer the headline's question, YES. Yes they will. The establishment republicans better not take us for granted this time.
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The Real Lessons of Ferguson

Clarence62 Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 11:11 AM
The real lesson? Blacks are easily manipulated, and as a group, aren't very intelligent.
Margaret Sanger started planned parenthood to control the birth rate of "those people". Legal abortion introduced a money making weapon into that goal. It enabled the payoffs to the modern "house niger" flappin their jaws on the national stage. Until Black America stops being the willing slaves of the democrat party, and decides to be free, the situation in black america will never improve. Only children, pets, and slaves get taken care of. Free men take care of themselves.
Why does a man's employer have to be responsible for his criminal activities. When he admitted hitting his wife, wasn't he arrested? Wasn't he charged? Why is this an issue now, after the woman married him? Because you saw him do, what you already knew he did months ago? That's kind of indicative of a short attention span don't you think. If Goodell comes out and tells NOW and the leftest press to pound sand, forbids reporters (and networks) who call for his ouster, access to NFL facilities, he may come across as the person wearing the pants. Face it, the NFL is loosing viewership because a lot of us don't care to watch players in pink shoes.
Except for the fact that current immigration law is being ignored and not enforced, there is no reason for congressional action. If the the Border Patrol was moved back to the southern border, and ALL immigration/border laws enforced to the letter, there wouldn't be an illegal alien invasion going on. If this simple solution is not enacted, the United States will not continue to exist.
So it's come full circle. The Polish are now telling American jokes.
They are.
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