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I don't really give a rat's rear end what happens to "the chilldrin" in New York. Their parents have voted for liberals (R&D) for decades, and the decay is now painfully apparent.
The dumbasses in California have what they voted for.
The reason to raise the minimum wage is It's not a livable wage. Isn't that the reason it was raised to it's current level? That was just a couple of years ago. The rate of inflation hasn't gone up that much. How was it a livable wage then and not now? My wages haven't increased. As a matter of fact, for my business to stay open, they went down. Obviously these people's lives are WAY too easy.
I don't see shutting down the gov as a bad thing. If "The People" ever take back control of the gov from the faceless Washington bureaucrats that control our lives now, shutting down the government will be an absolute necessity.
The joke is the people of California. This is the government that you SELECTED. You all deserve everything that happens. The old expression about making up your own bed, now lie in it, applies.
The road to HELL is paved with "honorable intentions". The website only shows why the government is ignoring the Church's protest against Obamacare's birth control/abortion mandates.
Looks like we're going to have to stock up on ammo, to save ourselves from people who want to save the world.
Dingbat. Of course, she does keep getting reelected by the dingbat district in San Fran.
It's called, "The Weather", and it changes from day to day. Warmer when the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun (summer), cooler when it's tilted away (winter). This is what happens when you have a dearth of college graduates who can't pay off their student loans unless they get some sort of funding for a "crises", that will land them a job.
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