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Superstorm Sandy Does Major Damage in New York City

clang 1 Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 8:20 AM
I'm shocked no one is commenting on this. I live in South Jersey and was blessed with very little damage from this storm but millions of our fellow citizens were not so fortunate. Prayers and help for those devestated are needed here my friends.

We're just now able to see the real impact Hurricane Sandy had over night in New York City and along the East Coast. Things aren't looking good. Not only was there massive flooding in many parts of the city, but NYU hospital lost its backup power and all patients had to be transported to another hospital. Sick, intensive care babies with battery powered respirators and patients were carried by nurses and doctors down as many as 15 flights of stairs.

At times with only flashlights to illuminate the way, NYU Langone Medical Center was evacuating some 260...