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Obama is the OPEC President

clakatos Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 1:52 PM
One of my FAVS, and this one may top your Senator Hary Reid Part in the Green Energy Crony Corruption story! Keep up the great and patriotic work, Marita.
petroleum engineer Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 3:43 PM
And dinghy Harry has thrown a monkey wrench inot the nuclear industry - stopped construction of the nuclear waste disposal facility at Yucca Mountain, NV. Spent fuel rods are being stored on the surface at nuclear plants in boric acid pools and/or reinforced concrete casks. The environmental; and nuke activists somehow think this is safer than using a safe underground storage facility that has been studied and studied for 50 years by PROFESSIONALS - not politicians. e-book The Sky Will NOT Fall - Unmasking the Green Revolution

First it went up—an expected reaction to the expanding anti-American riots taking place in the Middle East and Israel’s “hawkish statements.” Then, almost inexplicably, it went down—while the reasons for the increase remained intact.

Industry experts have come up with a variety of explanations as to why the price of crude oil suddenly dropped from “a four month high of $117.95”—with American gasoline prices at “the highest ever level for this time of the year”—to “their lowest in six weeks.” A wide range of reasons are offered: expiring futures contracts; doubts about the pace of global economic recovery;...

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