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You are the problem< Zealous. If you can't tell by this time that Obummer is the biggest mistake that ever happened to this country, we are all doomed to fail. Wake up!!! The country is barely alive. Obummer wants to reign as king. He is close to it now with the $1.4B he spent on vacations. Don't you have one ounce of common sense?
There surely are Democrats such as Sam Donaldson receiving big payouts. Why did the report single pout Republicans? Actually my thought is that the whole farm bill should be cancelled. Farmers don't need this bill anymore than other businesses. This democracy will never survive when everybody is trying to get something for nothing.
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Famous Last Words

ckohlbeck Wrote: Jul 20, 2013 12:48 PM
This is a great article. So true. But it will not happen with Obummer in office. He is committed to making this socialist or communist country. America is still a place where good seeps down from the top. With Obummer it is all bad. America elected a satan as president. FinanceManager
If you were the one being aborted, then voting olely on that position would not be so idiotic, would it? FinanceManager
Frank, That's exactly what happens when we accept all this political correctness junk People need to speak up and not be afraid of their shadow. Especially the Christians. Obummer's war on them needs someone with backbone to refute his evil ways. I am glad the Church is now challenging Obamacare's disruption of its creed. FinanceManager
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Where's Luca Brasi When You Need Him?

ckohlbeck Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 11:06 AM
If legal abortion is a hundred years it will still be wrong.Whatever you say doesn't cpunt.. I, a Republicasn, want to be on GOD'S side. Finance Manager
AppraisHer: Finally somebody understands the gist of the parties. It's totally disgusting that we can't even get the Speaker Boehner to quit playinng King. When will they ev er learn? Cy Kohlbeck
At the same time, I don't see the REpubs banding together and raising holy hell with Obummer. Even Boehner is satisfied to just hum along with Obummer's tune. Why isn't he yelling and jumping and getting people excited about not funding Obamacare? In my humble opinion, this is what would get the attention of the Repubs. What is wrong with him, that he is so proud to fund Obamacare? Can anybody tell me what is wrong with Boehner? He looks like he is continually counting sheep. And he is the head of the line. Only Rand Paul has the courage to step out of line. In all probability Boehner lectured him about that too.Tired of Boehner. Cy Kohlbeck
That's why the DEms are known as the sinful party!! THIS IS SINFUL!! That is why I say Obummer is not a Christian. He is a criminal. He does not believe in Christian principles. So you defenders of Obama, wake up. This Obummer is a communist. We need a Joe McCarthy to help us out. Cy Kohlbeck
Dr. Ben Carson has the kind of guts few have. We need leaders like him!! He gave answers to Obamacare like nobody else can. Cy Kohlbeck
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