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Obamacare is a fiscal issue! Republicans are idiots. At least the Dems are honest. Republicans, like Cornyn, say one thing then behind the scenes do another. Looking for a 3rd party that will represent the people and be honest.
Spot on.
Obamacare just went on line this week and Harry Reid just created a death panel.
Shut it down. We've collected massive debt. The only thing keeping this country afloat is the Fed's artificially low interest rates. Once the rates go up, America will discover how much damage & destruction Obama and his corrupt administration has orchestrated. All our taxes will go to service the interest on the debt. Not the debt itself. Then the dollar's reserve status will be lost. Obamacare needs to go, if only as a cost-cutting measure. It also has to go if you believe in personal responsibility and freedom. It is time for responsibility and success not to be punished. Unfortunate things happen to everyone, but that doesn't make life unfair. What is unfair is stealing from those who have sacrificed, worked hard, and saved to give to those who made bad choices in their life.
It is not just the government's fault. Religious leaders have lost their way. Instead of preaching charity and caring for others, the religious institutions, not just Christian, have tried to transfer their religious responsibility to the government. When giving and caring is done through religious avocation, it is willing and charitable. When it is through any form of government, it is theft and oppression.
I once heard Savage declare that liberals were mentally ill. I thought that I wouldn't listen to him again because he was going too far. Now, I am beginning to see he is correct. They are either grossly corrupt or mentally unstable. I guess you are never too old to learn.
Soledad has already proven she is another woman who will ruin her career and take the fall for Obama. It's Obama's war on women -- Soledad, Crowley, Rice, Hillary, the list goes on. . .
Clinton just performed the coup de grace. She accepted responsibility & acted Presidential. Democratic women aren't going to like Hillary taking the fall for her boss. This will alienate Democratic women. It will now be hard for Obama to take responsibility and appear genuine alienating more independent voters. Perfectly performed. Obama boxed in with no where to go.
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Hillary: Blame Me For Benghazi

ckoch996 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 11:38 AM
This travesty plus Fast & Furious would have been enough to topple any Presidency; however, we no longer have a none biased press doing their job. They are propaganda machines for the WH. Do none of these journalist have any pride in themselves, in their work, or in doing the right thing?
There continues to be a NEED for a full and thorough investigation into this nefarious & deadly program instigated by our government. If there was nothing to reveal, the WH would not have claimed executive privilege to shield information. The investigation has been stymied at every turn by a corrupt Attorney General & administration. People have died. This needs to go forward & those involved need to be held accountable & tried for illegal arms dealing, murder, and suppression of evidence.
Fast & Furious and now this? Our own President is working against this country and its people. We're in dangerous times.
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