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I'm sorry, but where is facebook required to cater to everyones needs? Are they not an individual entity which can choose to act of their own accord? Learn to read? Maybe you should stop and think why libertarians can't stand the moral side of conservatism. Having morals is good, imposing them on another individual/company? Not so good. If conservatives had their way a law would likely be passed forcing facebook to remove this kind of stuff, does that sound like freedom? As I said above, lets worry about things that matter instead of a facebook group. Next thing TH will have an article blaming the internet for allowing a blogger to post or something...
A few older posters on here might remember me, giving credence to me saying I am no liberal. This is the kind of stuff that hacks me off though when it comes to some conservative groups. This is a facebook group that is doing no harm and merely using their right to free speech. As another commenter said, you take the good with the bad on free speech. Facebook should not have to remove their page for any reason. Lets stop trying to control the opinions of the other side and worry about things that matter. A facebook page isn't one of them.
I think this is Loyal Democrat under a new moniker? Pretty good stuff.
Or a century ago when Woodrow Wilson signed a constitutional amendment to make the senate elected by popular vote.
all? Did Romney say that all of Obama's supporters are not paying taxes? Did he? Or are you intentionally misunderstanding this conversation? Do you not understand what "47% of the population will vote for Obama no matter what" means? Please reread his quote and come back for another try bud.
Are you advocating for a government dependent population simply so Obama will win? I guess I don't understand the meaning of this post.
salter, reread the poll and Romney's statement, you are misunderstanding the basis of this entire conversation.
Another liberal who doesn't understand the comment or poll. It is not that Obama will get only 47% and that all of his supporters are dependent on the government. It is that 47% of his voters are dependent on the government. Is a working person mutually exclusive from voting for Obama? Nothing in Romney's statement or the poll indicate that.
Knowing somebody doesn't account for any large body of people. Personal anecdotes are virtually worthless when you are talking about a percentage of the population.
I'd think what he said is pretty true, also going the other direction with those that wish for the government to leave them alone. One side wants handouts the other doesn't want to give it...doesn't discount what he said as not true.
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