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Sooner Or Later Progressives Will Get Around To You

cken Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 1:28 AM
My Granddad said when government set the age for which kids could drive they usurped parental authority. More government, more laws, more regulations always adds up to less freedom. As someone once said when the people trade freedom for security they end up with neither. It's obvious the U.S. is way too close to "neither", and it will be the end of the greatness of this country. There will be no advantage to living here compared to Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Greece, or France. And that's assuming we have the military, financial, and moral strength to prevent us being taken over by the Communists, the Muslims, or China, or Iran.

First, they came for the smokers.

No one would argue smoking is good for you. But it’s legal; growing tobacco is even subsidized by the government. Yet, when governments started limiting the right of people to smoke in places public and private, non-smokers did nothing. They didn’t like smoke; they’d heard second-hand smoke was dangerous. Why should they allow owners of private establishments to choose whether those establishments allowed people to engage in a legal – in fact, subsidized -- activity?

Then, they came to “clean up” the healthcare mess. They would take the sick and poor off...