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Living in Arizona , I can tell you there is a large percentage of the legal Hispanic population, those that have been here for generations or have become citizens do NOT support massive amnesty. They've got a dog in this fight and don't want their American dream screwed up. They will vote their personal interest and not as some mindless liberal block
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Obama: Troll Hard With a Vengeance

ckbro Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 10:44 AM
Yeah, I can. The family next door that runs a landscape service, the 3rd generation teacher across the street whose class size keeps increasing, the 19 year old dreamer that cleans the pool. Many of those already here (legal and illegal) are just as NIMBY as anyone else and have just as much to lose.
" Citizens there must have an account to prepare for the future; they can use the govt's version, or open their own account, which is also untouchable until a certain age." Sounds like Obamacare; everyone has to have insurance. You an use the governments or get your own. Thanks for the great insight comrade.
Been a resident of AZ since I was old enough to vote. I can remember the last CEO we elected here. Name was Fife Symington and he was drummed out of office for all sorts of financial "irregularities". Then there was the Keating 5 scandal; remember that Senator (then Congressman McCain)? A lot of us do and I haven't voted for the Maverick since. And don't forget car dealer magnate Evan Mecham who was recalled. Just seems we in Az don't have a very good track record trusting high powered business men with the reins. Don't know who I'll support in the coming primary, but the list is getting shorter.
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Cruz in Charge of the Conservative Movement

ckbro Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 11:27 AM
It's a complicated issue. Once an outsider is elected he becomes an insider. He then convinces himself that to continue the "good fight" he must be reelected and will pursue that at all costs. Term limits? Maybe, but that's cutting their own throats. Part of an Article 5 convention? All I know is that the day of the selfless citizen legislator has been replaced with the career politician and our country withers while our founders weep. I hope Ted Cruz is what he purports to be.
You are so right! It is time we, the citizens of Arizona demand that the state secure our border
This is the face of border security by way of technology. The only way to secure a border is barrier and boots. Just ask Israel.
We've seen this con before. Employment improves leading up to the next election to "unexpectedly" be revised and fall apart afterwards. Just look around you. Ask your neighbors and family if you want the real unemployment numbers. Talk to people you meet when you're out and about and ask them if they know anyone unemployed. Why ANYONE, you included Kevin Glass, would believe ANYTHING this gangster administration says is beyond me!
Just reading the 1st paragraph made me go barf before I could finish the article. But, the premise is wrong. Hilary will want to make her tenure HISTORIC so one should expect bigger outrages in the destruction of our nation heaped upon B O's.
There is more to it than being a Democrat. (He said politely). I can't imagine Al Gore getting away with this stuff.
Oh joy. Another "It's the video!" moment.
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