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Clarifying Oil in Parachute Colorado

ckbro Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 8:54 AM
No, no and no! You can make these same arguments for solar and wind. We've seen where that takes us. The government has no business investing in private inter rise, period. The senator from Utah has my respect.
oldnjal Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 11:56 PM
This company from Estonia may have something. Let them try to make some money. At least it will not be a Solyndra type debacle, using taxes.
Seems pretty American to me, and yet from a former member of the Soviet Bloc.
Seems strange that they seem to see fruit ripe for picking, and U.S. companies cannot do the picking, as if their hands were tied behind their backs by our Government.
Their exploration and industry, if it begins, must be on private land, as the EPA usually seems to squash getting energy at every opportunity, and seems to be setting aside more and more land as off limits.

According to E&E Times, last week, the House killed funding for oil shale research in the 2013 energy and water spending bill. Had the funding been left in place 25 million dollars would have been allocated for oil shale R&D. It was a close vote, 208 to 207, but the funding was eliminated.

People in Parachute, Colorado remember all too well the Black Sunday on May 2nd 1982 when Exxon suddenly closed its oil shale development there. Over 2,000 people found themselves out of work.

People still don’t trust oil shale, and given...

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