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Must-See Video: Romney Unleashes Devastating Campaign Ad

CKA in Red State USA Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 9:27 PM
Respectfully, while his inexperience and illiteracy factor into the reasons why our country is suffering so with him as POTUS, I think he is being successful -- on his terms. With his anti-Americans, anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-capitalism, anti-family, anti-military, socially and racially divisive ideology, whatever we see is a victory for him. IMO, the reason you, I and tens of millions of others are gritting-our-teeth upset about this Marxist and his party is that in our reality, he is incompetent, way way way in over his head, as are the Democrats. In theirs, though, he's not just a success: He's a hero.

It looks like the Romney camp is taking a page out of the RNC playbook and unleashing a series of campaign ads against the incumbent president. That being said, to fully comprehend the impact of this particularly devastating clip, a little context is in order.

At the Democratic National Convention in 2008, then-Senator Obama asserted confidently that Democrats – unlike Republicans – “measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage.” Fair enough. Four years later, however, millions of Americans are out of work and suffering in the Obama economy. Incredibly, the president’s...