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renny4, just an FYI: When you mention basic energy and electricity prices, you're not talking about oil. Coal accounts for about 50 percent; natural gas for about 20 percent; nuclear for about 20 percent; so-called green energies about nine percent; and oil, essentially zero. Crude oil contributes overwhelmingly to motor-vehicle fuels, as well as chemicals used in many downstream products. That said, I agree with the spirit of what you said. And I fully agree about what you said about the Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist Party.
And affected by the intellectual, psychological, moral and social disease called liberalism/leftism.
Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist Beckel is one predictable, disrespectful, loud-mouthed individual. He's one reason I stopped watching Hannity's show.
Strike #5. That was more than a lifetime. Other "moments" in Obama's presidency for consideration: When he pushed Catholic Christians -- thus, all Christians and anyone else -- to suborn their consciences to Obamacare's provision for insurance money for abortions. Worth remembering: He said there would be no federal monies spent in Obamacare for abortions. Another: When, during his inaugural speech, he openly criticized Bush 43. Another: When jumped publicly to conclusion about Cambridge cop's arrest of black Harvard professor and Obama's snap judgement that what the police did was wrong. Another: His mocking of the SCOTUS at his first SOTU address. Another: His recent threat to SCOTUS regarding potentially voting down Obamacare.
If you consider this -- oh, what a pithy Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist putdown -- then why are you even here? Enough of your childishness.
Pick anything they've said about so-called catastrophic manmade global warming/cooling. Obama's repetition that we have only 2 percent of world's crude-oil reserves, yet consume 20-25 percent of world's crude. The number of uninsured -- 40 million, 30 million, 20 million, for example -- that Obama touted as the reason Obamacare was essential. The real rate of unemployment. The real rate of inflation.
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