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Do you have the ability to actually engage in civil adult discourse? It's a rhetorical question.
You know, OM, you sound like an urban cowboy who's never stepped foot in a corral, ridden a horse, done an honest day's work and actually found need for a pickup truck with all it's bells and whistles that UCs load them up with. And you've never worn a real cowboy hat, say a straw one, that's bent here and there, and got some sweat stains. When you start railing and calling people with whom you disagree things such as cowards, traitors and un-American and cult-members, you might exercise some adult common sense and reconsider. That's because when rational and intelligent people see such hyperbolic statements, they dismiss comments such as yours immediately.
So you've read Ryan's budget? Want to share why you've called it an "odious piece of trash"? Perhaps you forgot that the Senate just voted 97-0 against whatever Obama called his budget? You remark insinuates you know Obama's budget, so how about enlightening us as to its strong points and how those help our country? And maybe I missed something, but aren't the Democrats still the Senate's majority? Oh, yes: Did we have a president named Chimpy? I don't seem to recall him.
Well, I confess, I got stuck to the tarbaby named Soon20Questions. In my opinion, we all would do better to ignore him and his ilk. Intellectually and morally bankrupt, all they seem to know is to make such absurd statements that they know will attract others trying to counter their bull puckies. Mirrors the Distractor-and-Liar-and-Endless-Campaigner-in-Chief Obama's strategy.
Seems that "liars" and "cowards" was on the talking points list that S2Q and others got from the Democrat/progressive/liberal/leftist mother ship.
Pathetic juvenile response. It's translation: You cannot support your allegation that West is both a liar and coward. More translation: You've never served and haven't a clue about what you say. And, yes, case is closed. You're caught in your own absurd circular loop. And you lack the courage to answer a few simple questions. Maybe that's why you keep calling others liars and cowards? Projecting yourself?
Have you noticed, Anne_1 how Soon2Questions seems to be preoccupied with using the words "coward" and "lying." And you have noticed how violent S2Q became, with his remark about wishing West's accelerated death? I'm just spitballing it here, but seems like there's lots of projection coming from S2Q. And that he's got a hyper-inflated burr in his saddle about West, bordering on, if not already, irrational.
You've presented no evidence to support West is both a liar and a coward. It's your subjective opinion. And you failed to answer my questions about your service or lack thereof.
Give it a rest re: your pronouncements from that high-horse you ride. You might also wash out your mouth with some soap. It's not just election year that's the issue. Anyone with the honesty and integrity to see, would see that Barack H. Obama has been campaigning since at least 2007. He certainly didn't cease after he took office in late January 2009.
Were you there? Did you know what West did? Did you know the situation on the ground? I say that he's one very courageous man. He knew that his violation of the ROE would likely cost him his command and, possibly, career. Both did happen. But he got the intelligence he needed. He saved lives of his soldiers by his action. Just curious: Have you served? If so, in combat? If so, as troop leader? Ever faced a situation like West did? By the way: How about presenting the evidence that supports West is both liar and coward? Don't be bashful, either; give us everything.
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Negroes With Guns

CKA in Red State USA Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 10:41 PM
Your logic is fascinating. How about explaining how you got from first sentence to making the "Godless" statement in last sentence? And, yes, this relates to the article in what way(s)?
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