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After PR Disaster, CFT Sanitizes ‘Tax the Rich’ Video but Propaganda Remains

CK26 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 2:01 PM
Did anyone see how the jobs are created in this ONE SIDED View of business? Did anyone see the reason WHY the jobs went elsewhere? Just wondering if I missed something here.
The California Federation of Teachers created a public relations disaster when it produced a low-brow video featuring a depiction of “trickle down” economics as a “rich” person urinating on the “ordinary people.”

EAGnews was the first to report on the tacky video created by California teachers’ representatives.

The CFT has now edited the video to take out the yellow stream, but the sound effect remains.


But perhaps worse, the factually incorrect leftist propaganda is also still included.

Specifically, as EAGnews reported Tuesday, the CFT’s video claims...