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Geez, all that and the outcome keeps getting worse? We must not be spending enough, yet! Throw some more money at it!
Kerry is a fool. Don't expect anything not foolish from him.
Lewis and his ilk are just blindingly stupid. They have no idea what they are talking about. Like most lefties, their thought process goes no deeper than the immediate and the feel good. Consequences are something the hateful right tries to talk about.
Yeah, I like that amusing "Katie cult" remark. Good thing no such thing exists for say, Obama. Or Hillary. Maybe with some good luck and effort, a "Katie cult" will actually become a reality and have some influence over the young and currently clueless.
Your point is well taken that the GOP will "chase off" young women voters; but you clearly don't understand why. Young people are clueless. It's not their fault- they have no experience, very little responsibility, and no interest in politics or governance, which is why they vote Democrat and why Democrats want to keep lowering the voting age. Many young women believe that there is such a thing as "reproductive rights," because Democrats and lefties keep yammering on about how the right wing nut jobs who "hate" them want to deprive women of these imaginary rights. And anyone who still believes in the gender pay gap is willfully blind. No such pay gap exists except perhaps in the Whitehouse. Honest researchers know that when the data is adjusted for variables other than just gender, the pay gap pretty much disappears. You know it too, I suspect, but it doesn't support the leftist agenda to admit it.
Constantly being called out for being wrong by Lois. LOL!
Not so "settled law" that Obama can change anytime he wishes.
Probably Hillary's, but that doesn't mean anything other than Hillary has name recognition. I'm pretty sure Katie's take on just about anything makes a lot more sense than anything Hillary says.
I fail to see anything wrong with promotion of a book by its author, or in this case by the staff of Townhall, where the author works. If you don't want to read the article, don't. It was fairly obvious from the title that it was going to be fluff and promotion. I scanned it in a few seconds- not worth more than that, but harmless.
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