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I'd be inclined to think that Rivera does not understand the concepts of citizenship and nation, but that of course is not true. His PhD is in political science from CUNY, and he was an assistant professor of political science at Pace University. Just another flaming liberal who for some weird incomprehensible reason thinks that those concepts either don't matter or are to be eliminated. Is there any other country on this planet where non-citizen residents are allowed to vote?
In the liberal mind set, if they haven't reduced crime it's because the laws aren't restrictive enough. They know that gun control is the solution. It's just like with education: if throwing a lot of money at education doesn't improve the results, it's because it wasn't enough.
What comes to mind immediately is the Texas Tower shooting at the University of Texas in Austin in 1966, where Charles Whitman shot and killed 14 people (and wounded a lot of others) after murdering his wife and mother. I understand your point, though- that was nearly fifty years ago, and Whitman was insane (likely a brain tumor but no one was certain).
Since when is a person here on an H1-B visa an "immigrant"? The H1-B visa is explicitly a "non-immigrant" visa given to workers who are employed in the US temporarily, emphasis on the "temporarily." And Tancredo was probably talking about the blatant misuse of the visa by big corporations to keep labor costs down by bringing in large numbers of foreign technical workers to compete with Americans.
Virginia has an open primary system, so anyone can vote for any candidate regardless of party.
Excellent idea! Displaying the "No rape" sign in a gun free zone should be doubly effective.
What a twisted little pervert you must be. Disgusting. Flagged.
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cjurgens Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 2:25 PM
Years ago (1970s) we hired an English major from a local state college as a tech writer. I was not happy when I discovered that constructions such as "between he an I" bothered him not at all; in fact, he used them in his speech. Then, in a rare moment of grammar policing, I corrected a fellow engineer who had just said, "Do you want to go to lunch with Dave and I." He argued with me, insisting that this was correct usage. After retiring from engineering, he became a school teacher.
Right, criminal acts by Democrats are ok, apparently. Or maybe leftists are just incapable of recognizing evil committed by their own.
Exactly. Not only insensitive and racist, but just plain ignorant. As @H2 notes, what would the long version look like? Toure is a silly little man.
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