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Petty Annoyances

cjurgens Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 2:25 PM
Years ago (1970s) we hired an English major from a local state college as a tech writer. I was not happy when I discovered that constructions such as "between he an I" bothered him not at all; in fact, he used them in his speech. Then, in a rare moment of grammar policing, I corrected a fellow engineer who had just said, "Do you want to go to lunch with Dave and I." He argued with me, insisting that this was correct usage. After retiring from engineering, he became a school teacher.
Right, criminal acts by Democrats are ok, apparently. Or maybe leftists are just incapable of recognizing evil committed by their own.
Exactly. Not only insensitive and racist, but just plain ignorant. As @H2 notes, what would the long version look like? Toure is a silly little man.
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Obama's Rambling Non-Answer on VA Scandal

cjurgens Wrote: May 22, 2014 10:21 AM
Blah blah blah blah blah. How depressing that this man is our president. He'll use the resources of the White House to get to the bottom of this just like he claimed he was going to do with Benghazi. Blather on long enough, confound the investigation long enough, the rubes will forget about it. Just hope it passes before November, that's all that matters. A few people died unnecessarily? Eh.
Well, some already add a plus sign to the end just in case there are some odd sexual proclivities that were overlooked: LGBTQIA+.
Says the hateful racist...
"...radical conservatives only care about themselves and their child killing guns." Lol! What a stupid thing to say.
I've always wondered about that odd quirk in our laws...
So maybe it's time for Emmy to take note that her thin skin is not a top priority, and she should grow up, back off, and STHU.
Lol! No need to sugar coat how you feel about liberals...
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