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Navy to Pull Bibles from Hotels on Bases

cjurgens Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 1:14 AM
What a silly attitude. Apparently you think that a copy of the Bible tucked away in a drawer nearby that you can choose to ignore is the same as having religious beliefs forced on you. I've stayed in scores of hotel rooms with Bibles in the nightstands, and I don't feel in the slightest bit that I had someone's beliefs forced on me. There could be a Koran or some goofy works by L. Ron Hubbard in there as well for all I care, no difference.
Sure, handy, sure.... lol! Idiot.
Michael Medved has pointed out that, unlike the UK where the head of state (the Queen) and the head of government (the prime minister) are two separate functions, the US places both functions in the presidency. He points out that Obama likes being the head of state, but has little interest in being the head of government. I agree with Medved. Obama likes all the trappings of office, the schmoozing with celebrities and foreign dignitaries, the vacations, flying around in Air Force One, etc, but when it comes to the actual business of the presidency, not so much. That's like real work, and if everyone would just do what he wants, well, then everything would be just wonderful.
"And so when we talk about...Republicans who want to ban equal pay for equal work …" In other words, when we just make up crp, "that's where the power is."
Lol! In the world of Internet commenting, where the English language is regularly butchered and broken in the most egregious ways, I get the critic who finds my not using the past subjunctive to be worthy of note. I stand corrected.
Would everyone (Obama, Kerry, et. al.) just wake up and understand that Hamas means exactly what they say they mean? Hamas wants the obliteration of Israel and the death of all Jews and there is nothing less that will satisfy them. If necessary they will kill all their own people to achieve their goal. If people would quit pretending that Hamas doesn't really mean this, or that they are motivated by something else, everything becomes crystal clear and the only solution becomes apparent. We should be supporting Israel in every way possible to remove these execrable thugs from Gaza and from the earth.
Are all your posts off topic and stupid?
I repeat: some of the smartest people I know are some of the dumbest people I know. On the other hand, we're assuming that a college degree means the holder is smart. That just isn't so, at least today (if it ever was).
Lol! You're right. Just a couple of weeks ago I handed a cashier change so that I would get just dollars back (after she had entered the tendered amount as whole dollars). She had no idea what to do. She told me it was "too late." I told her that it wasn't, explained what to do and she did what I asked. I'm not sure she actually understood.
For the likes of Kristen Bell, I'm sure it's about "helping people." It's as far as her "analysis" takes her thinking. Poor people need more money, so let's give them more money. See how simple that is? We've helped those poor people. Now, getting idiots like Bell to believe this is helping people is the aim of the people pulling the strings, and they don't care about helping anyone as long as the votes come rolling in, thanks to useful tools like Kristen enthusiastically promulgating the message.
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