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Well, it is Minnesota...
I like the "MA in Individualized Studies Blog" where a student writes about "How Sex, Drugs, and Embodied Magic Can Change the World." She writes how she "can't imagine many other places I could be doing this work." Neither can I, thankfully, although I wouldn't be at all surprised if "embodiment studies" start popping up in other "institutions of higher learning." Sad.
Is Lois really a person? Her (its) posts are like when you send a question in an email to a company and an autoresponder scans your message for key words and sends back some marginally relevant boilerplate. I think if we applied the Turing test here, Lois would fail.
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Obama: "Eric Has Done a Superb Job"

cjurgens Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 6:27 PM
The worst AG ever. Can Obama appoint someone even more racist than this criminal?
Last week, inspired by a column by Mark Steyn, I took a look at Michael Mann's Facebook page. There was Leo DiCaprio, having just "liked" Mann's page, and of course, Mann is delighted. I understand, because what serious scientist wouldn't want the approval of such a giant of climate science as DiCaprio? What a joke the warmists have become. Too bad we can't just laugh them off, because they aren't going to stop. These people, no matter how deluded, are intent on turning off the lights for you and me.
Oh, man, that one had me laughing!
That's a valid question. He would need to enroll in Medicare part B, but with something growing on my nose that could be cancerous, and with the VA not responsive, I think I'd get myself onto part B as soon as possible. I realize it's a hundred something a month, there would be a copay, and maybe that's a lot for him, but nose cancer! He missed two, maybe three, enrollment periods for Medicare during that time.
Exactly right. MSNBC, despite its terrible ratings, turns a profit because it is bundled with other channels.
LOL! No kidding.
Choking? We allow people to chew their own food? What insanity!
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