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I entered UC Berkeley in 1961 as a freshman engineering student. There was no tuition, only an "incidental fee" of something like 85 dollars a semester. Today that semester costs $7,755.75. While that is a 90-fold increase, starting salaries of a graduate engineer over that same period have gone up by a factor of about nine (say, about 7K then and 55-65K now).
Lol! You're right. And why does anyone lend any credence to this "old dude?" I thought this clock thing was moronic the first time I saw it years ago,
If you were really interested, Taft, you would do a simple search and find the results of a number of polls that reveal what "real muslims" think. The numbers are shocking. You will find that a very high percentage of Muslims support suicide bombings and the murder of innocents in the name of Mohammed. You will find that an even higher percentage of American Muslims refuse to believe that Arab men committed the 9/11 attack, that it was a conspiracy of Jews. Of the million(!!!) Muslims in London, something like 70 thousand of them support terrorism. The fact that "most" of them don't is not terribly comforting. In fact, what "real muslims" think, Taft, is extremely disconcerting.
Donald Trump could probably recommend a good barber.
Rosie " I do believe that it’s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel" O'Donnell has to be one of the stupidest people on the planet.
Ignoring blacks involved in crime is not new, just getting worse. I knew a man some forty years ago who at the time was an ex-police officer (Southern California). One of the reasons he quit was that he found it dangerously stupid to single-handedly (they patrolled alone) confront a car with four black men in it at 2 in the morning no matter what they appeared to be doing.
Excellent, John. I think you're right. Adds a lot of clarity to my innate dislike of the man.
Obama (and Reid, and others) is incapable of compromise. My favorite high school teacher (back in the 60s) was my US history teacher. He gave a straight college-like lecture class (he eventually became a college prof), and knew his subject exceedingly well. I remember how much he clearly loved America and the American style of government. Compromise, he kept saying, is at the heart of American government. It's why it works so well. I suspect he is no longer with us, but I can only imagine how sad and disappointed he would be to witness what has become of this nation and what passes for a legislative process. I know I am.
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