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The Initial Aftershocks

cjrian Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 5:53 AM
Obama, Reid, & the LSM spent 4 years (12, really) spawning hatred for anyone and anything that is not them. They've incited animosity by race, income, color, gender, nationality, religion, beliefs, and any other division they could discover/create. They don't know anything but division and derision. Even if Obama were to "reach across the aisle", how can anyone work with someone who has spewed the most malicious and vile lies? Obama failed to even contact the opposition for months on end His two outlandish budget proposals sent to Congress received a total of Zero votes, even from his own Party Harry refuses to listen to GOP Senators or address their concerns The DNC baselessly accuses the GOP of hatred, murder, & worse
Panda Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 6:04 AM
Well stated.

With all due respect to Jackie, she's dreaming. It's like asking the Christians and Jews to work together with the newly elected Nazi Party in Germany of the 30's.
Texan1984 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:52 AM
Panda - that is one of the best analogies I have heard. Sadly, it's true.
Nobody likes to lose. But defeats can prove advantageous if used as a learning tool. Newt Gingrich lost his first two congressional campaigns, but won his third. Twenty years after his first defeat, he changed the nation with the Contract With America.

Those who may be disheartened and dismayed over Tuesday's election results might want to consider this: Our nation is strong and resilient, and the results must be used as an opportunity to learn rather than an opportunity to lay blame.

President Obama won. A sitting president always has an advantage, but with a listing economy, high...