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Unlocking Obama's Economic Vision (Spoiler: It's Blurry)

cjrian Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 12:57 AM
The list fabulously "rich, white guys" included the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Bill Maher, George Soros, Jon Stryker, George Clooney, etc All were Obama donors. By far, the majority of Wall Street donations went to Obama. A great many Obama donors, especially the mega-donors would willingly accept the annihilation of Israel, even if it (or preferrably) eradicated every Jew in Israel. As for BC, Repubs aren't against a female (or male) using BS, they are just against peoples pockets being picked to pay for the entertainment of others. And recreational sex is purely for entertainment purposes.

Wednesday’s press conference marked the first occasion journalists have had to question the President directly – about anything – in eight months, and President Obama tipped his hat on his plans to confront the coming fiscal cliff with chastened House Republicans. In short, he will probably raise tax rates for the wealthy.

But thanks to an explosive and, as my colleague Donny Deutsch put it, testosterone-fueled defense of UN Ambassador Susan Rice, a lot of what the President also said about his plans to reduce the deficit went ignored. That’s a shame – they were quite illuminating.