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Dave Says That's a lot for a Wedding

cjohnson52 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 6:26 PM
A couple who decides to get married far from home and want the family with them should either change the location so it's not a hardship for the attendees, or pay the cost of close family members. A distant relative paid for his daughter's entire was on a cruise ship and paid for all the family to attend. This is not possible for most folks, but engaged couples ought to think first. Why not a wedding at home and a honeymoon in Mexico? I know of a bride-to-be who sent out letters to 12 potential bridesmaids with a list of their responsibilities and the costs involved, including times they had to reserve for meetings with the bride or her wedding consultant for fittings, shopping, etc. They all turned her down. Good thing!

Dear Dave,

I recently got engaged. Is it okay for us to go ahead and combine finances and start working on a budget before we get married?


Dear Adam,

No, it is not okay to combine finances with anyone to whom you’re not married. And by “okay,” I mean wise. I’m happy that you’ve found love, but all kinds of things can happen before the rings are slipped onto your fingers.

I’m not wishing bad things on you, but what if you spend time paying off her debt, or vice versa, and then the relationship doesn’t work out? Bringing...