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It's so wonderful to watch Wendy try to wiggle out of her own debacle. You only think she had a lot of support from Texas women, but what about all those ugly broads bused in from out-of-state? They surely weren't Texas women because real Texas women are very well behaved and conceal carry their weapons. Wendy's witches merely brandished their tampons and maxi-pads to make a mockery out of womanhood. The worse ones were those who brought their little girls with them. Exactly what were they trying to teach them? That being a woman means you don't need to be dignified, ladylike, and intelligent? That all you have to do is demand abortions and call it women's health and scream like banshees? Guess that must have been it.
Thank God and the outcry of our people! Too bad it took the U.K. to secure her release and asylum. Where is our president? Oh, that's right, he's out golfing and he couldn't care less about our Marine in a Mexican prison, despite all our Texas legislators are trying to do.
Have you noticed the one glaring similarity with all these women screaming for abortions on demand? They are strident, angry, unreasonable, and merciless females who haven't any common sense at all. They scream for free contraceptives, free abortion pills, and back alley abortions (that is what they are if the abortion mills are not regulated like hospitals) and they only have themselves to answer to for their predicament. What happened to morals, to respect for life, for abstinence before marriage. Oh, that's right, Betty Friedan and a host of others who hate men except for perhaps some sexual release, taught our young women of the 60's that they didn't have responsibility for their own actions because "if it feels good, do it." These women have either unlearned guilt for sin or become so immune to morality that they'd rather listen to the wiles of the devil than behave themselves. Hey, you demanding females....go to work and buy it for yourselves....the rest of us try to live as we should and we certainly don't want to pay for your sins.
That would be just fine with me...I'd not want a person to judge me by my politics or anything else but as a human being. But if said doctor chooses to do so, they don't need patients...they need patience and a lot more education. Besides that, doctors go into practice to help all people or they shouldn't be in the business of health care. As for bakers, wedding consultants, etc., they should be able to choose their customers at will. After all, there are a lot of others in the business who can cater to the fringes, including the "fringes" themselves. We Dee-jayed wedding receptions for years, and only after we met the bride and groom and discussed their expectations. There were certain things we said we could not or would not do with regard to the receptions and if they were happy with our provided services, we would agree to do their reception. We never got turned down, but we did turn down a couple who wanted a phony cake with a stripper in it for the best man. We just didn't do that kind of thing and recommended them to someone who would. Thomas, why would you want someone to do something for you if they didn't want to do it your way? We don't like being forced by 4% of the population to do thing we wouldn't do ourselves. Get a life, please.
Will, religion is either a part of your life or it isn't. You have Thomas Jefferson pegged wrongly, because he was definitely a religious man. He encouraged the use of the Capitol building as a church on Sundays when Congress and the Senate were not in session. He also compiled a brief testament of Christ for the Indians to teach them about Jesus so that they could understand in plain language. It was comprised of only the actual words Jesus was quoted to say, and it is a beautiful testament to Jefferson's faith, as well. Our founding fathers were not anti-religious at all, but made certain that all would be free to practice their religious faith as their understanding dictated. If you do not believe in God, don't worry...enough of us do, and will pray for your enlightenment, whether or not that will do any good. If you atheists would just leave us alone and stop acting offended, we'd be all better off. Same thing for the LGBT community. A person cannot be offended by another person's faith unless they choose to be. The accoutrements of our faith are in no way endangering to you or anyone else, so back off, already, please!
Obviously, Carol Costello isn't familiar with the greatest scientist of all....the Creator, God, who fashioned this planet to be inhabitable for many, many generations, complete with oil, coal, gas, copper, iron, gold, copper, etc. knowing that ultimately we would use it to build homes, businesses, in art, etc. and He knew what we would do with it. He allows us to do what we will with all the elements, even though sometimes we'd make mistakes. However, He also provided us myriad plant life to use up our CO2 in their process of life to provide food for us, for animals, for decoration to make this earth beautiful. Scientists, however, are the most skeptic of all people, thinking that they are smarter than God and that they have all the answers as to what is causing "climate change." Excuse me, Carol....but what has actually changed? In 17 years, has there been any real change? We are merely in a repeated cycle of weather depending on the warming or cooling of the oceans and atmospheric conditions that are NOT caused by man. Yes, we should be careful how we use our resources, and do it as cleanly as possible, but does that mean we have to have myriad ugly windmills that are killing birds by the thousands? What happens when those birds die out...they are the source of seeds dropped in fertile places to continue the next crop cycle, along with their "fertilizer" and of course, the pleasure they are as a gift to man by the Creator. I admit I'm simplifying a bit, but the one thing scientists can't prove is that our air is any "dirtier" than it was back in the day when all homes were heated with woodstoves, or there was no indoor plumbing, or in England during the industrial age when the air was black as night from the fumes. We have improved conditions exponentially by judicious use of technology, but nothing changes except that there are more humans on earth. Besides that, even if we stop all pollution in this country, most other countries will continue to pollute and nothing will change...including the climate. Call me a denier if you wish, but scientists have yet to prove anything other than they can toady up to the liberals with money who want to make sure we pay through the nose for new technology, which, for some reason, they control.
Hmmmm....a woman who lies about her "rags to riches" story, who abandons her children, who snags a man only to pay for her education through law school, who foments a filibuster to argue FOR abortion yet pretends to be pro-life out of the other side of her mouth, whose campaign makes ugly smears about her opposition...and that's not enough to run her out of town on a rail? Red-blooded Texans who love life, liberty and freedom must all turn out to vote for Greg Abbott to rid ourselves of this pariah---a travesty who only think she stands for the women of Texas. Only cretins will vote for her...those same women who want unlimited, unfettered sex and then abort their babies so they can continue their profligate lifestyle. This state must stay red. Unfortunately, our largest cities contain the most liberal of Texans and we will have to factor that in and somehow educate them properly. Any thoughts on that?
I wish the liberals who just love to tout "settled science" would open their eyes and see just how much damage they've contributed to the well-being of this country. For instance, the egregious decision to stop up the water going to ranch and farm land in California to save the bait fish. What? Bait fish????? That is absolutely B.S. because that means farmers can't farm and supply food, meat, milk, etc. in what was once the bread basket of California. All for bait fish? Environmentalists figure that they are the saviors of the universe, when all they are is simple-minded idiots who cannot see what havoc they're wreaking on this country. I once had to fight against some real wackos in Washington state who were trying to make a family who owned a large home on a large lot move their house (impossible without tearing it down) and to turn their beautiful yard back into native grasses....which, by the way, had never been there in the first place in the history of the home. The folks went bankrupt trying to fight this, and finally won. Last I heard was that a group was taking the environmentalists to court to pay the attorney and court fees for the family. I pray they succeeded.
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Facebook Now Allowing "Custom" Gender

cjohnson52 Wrote: Feb 13, 2014 4:55 PM
This is so stupid. Miss Mellie is correct. What's next? Well, here's a suggestion for those who aren't sure if they're she/he/transgender: S.H.IT
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