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It is only an armed population that prevents tyranny. Whether or not Yamamoto actually said that he would not invade mainland America because "there would be a gun behind every blade of grass", I am certain that enemies of the US have thought twice about their invasion plans. How many "mentally unstable" people tried to commit mass murder in police stations? How many mass killings have happened on gun ranges? Would you rather commit your mass murder in a "Gun-Free Zone" or in an "Open Carry Zone"? The possession of guns (by sane individuals) decreases violent crimes.
Yes, but cars, chain saws, hammers and baseball bats are not designed to kill. Guns are designed to kill. And they do so very effectively and efficiently. And since we are a nation founded on individual liberty, secured by guns, our personal protection is our own responsibility. Preventing tyranny is the other. I know that Liberals can't envision anything that this president could do which would impinge on their personal liberties, but it wasn't so long ago that the same libs were squalking about "Darth Cheney." There is no need to argue how much worse one threat to liberty is over the other, the simple fact remains that both Republicans and Democrats can see that there is threat to their freedoms by the government.
No worries; they may be looking to pass more idiotic legislation, but they won't bring it to vote. They want to pick up more Senate seats, so there's no way they will actually vote on it.
And, by the way, who cares? It's not germane to this discussion. This is a discussion about conscience clauses and the fact that superficial accounting gimmicks do not amount to conscience clauses. Companies still have to pay for insurance which provides services to which they object. And now, thanks to the Fiscal Cliff deal, more employers are finding it cheaper to pay the government fine than to provide insurance which they already object to. President Obama: "If you like your doctor, you can keep him." US Government: "Not so much."
Can you say ella? The government-approved prescribing information still says that it does affect implantation. Your OVERWHELMING evidence doesn't appear to be overwhelming anyone in the FDA.
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