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You haven't signed the customary DOJ 'Non Disclosure Agreement'.
This guy is still learning how our three branches work........'on the job training'.
That's your view of the View!
I like spunk, and her sitting at the view table with rude others talking over her voice was awful to watch. Here is a big Fox and Friends welcome to Elizabeth.
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YMCA Kicks Out Pro-Life Students

Citizen Vet USA Wrote: Jul 10, 2013 11:00 PM
Abortion is still a code word for homicide.
She owns a home in a N. Scottsdale AZ guard gated community and most believe that it was preparation for a Senate run when McCain gave up.
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Ted Nugent in 2016?

Citizen Vet USA Wrote: Jul 06, 2013 10:21 AM
Ted Nugent As Presidential Candidate Having major distrust in prominent Political others, folks are eager to listen to Nugent's statements of 'Pure Michigan' crystal clarity. He doesn’t drink alcohol, use tobacco, or illegal drugs and is a loyal family unit leader by his example. However the likelihood of a national candidate may turn out to be nothing more that a great counter spokesperson and cheerleader the right.
This demonstrates the processes developed by the far left and uses a household 'Brand Name' Paula Dean as an example. This is their public warning to the masses that they have the ability to destroy anyone at will.
Young love is so passionate
Why would Crowley have the rose garden transcript at the debate? Obama tells Candy Crowley to “Get the transcript”. That comment implies that both knew about the white house rose garden statement and made sure that Crowley had said transcript at town hall debate to use to defend Obama.
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