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...and the Emperor had on a really nice set of clothes until that horrible child pointed out that he wasn't wearing anything...
Yes, they should. Luckily, "Maryland Redskins" has a nice ring to it. Or maybe "Landover Redskins?" (Does anyone who plays on or works for the team actually live in Washington, DC?)
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Boehner Pushes Last Minute Debt Limit Plan

cirby Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 10:59 AM
Blaming the Tea Party for Washington's dysfunction is like blaming the little boy for the Emperor's lack of clothes.
The "Executive A" travel expenses - over 290 days (which means he or she was traveling about six days per week) - comes to about $300/day. Which breaks down to either a 270 mile (each way) commute by car, a round-trip train ride from New York City to Washington almost every day, or a hired limo from one of the suburbs - a distant one.
Here's the fun part: the house doesn't actually have to have a gun in it...
"My neighbor, at XXXX Whatchamacallit Street, is a really unsafe gun owner, who never secures their guns, and is at work M-F from 9 to 5. They don't even have an alarm system, and all of that expensive jewelry and electronics to boot."
It's Joe Biden. He's probably prepping for a 2015 White House run.
About which part? The one where a Federal employee who committed a felony when buying guns, or the part where a firearm he bought and illegally passed on to a drug cartel was found at a horrible murder scene? On the other hand, why aren't the Democrats annoyed about how the US government is passing weapons on to cartels through illegal means?
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The Limits of Liberal "Tolerance"

cirby Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 9:23 PM
Yeah, we're not making NEARLY enough fun of the President. I mean, someone's got to - the Democrats certainly can't find anything funny about him. It's like they were... religious, or something. Worshiping the guy with no shred of levity or self-awareness. I mean, who could find humor in making fun of the President of the United States? Even one with ears like those?
He certainly did know "some" qualified women. But convincing a lot of high-level, qualified woman working in the private sector to give up their high-paying, prestigious jobs, and to go work for the government? Good luck with that. Obama, on the other hand, hired Valerie Jarrett. Obama obviously needed a LOT of binders.
I've seen this story in several places today, and every single time, the left-wing folks keep insisting that voter fraud is incredibly rare - while not noticing that the people who enforce the voter fraud laws in the more-corrupt places are the same folks who keep getting elected through voter fraud...
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