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Who Owns You?

CinemaNoir Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 11:00 AM
Who owns me? No one! No government ~ no religion ~ no political party. I am not for sale! My heart and soul are mine! My life is mine! I abide by laws and respect the rights of others. But my life, and my mind, are owned by no one but me! I am indebted to no one! I am not for sale!
Obama is acting according to plan. Not his plan, of course, he is a fraud, a fool, a fop, a charlatan and a puppet. He is enacting the plan of reducing our Republic to Third World status, or worse..... That is the plan of Islam..... Obama is an Islamist.....
Obama announced this before his election ~ why the surprise now? And our political eunuchs in DC will just roll their eyes, pass gas, and raise more money for their reelection.....
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Horton Hears the Who

CinemaNoir Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 11:14 AM
Hi Mike..... I'm divided between allowing Mr. Horton-the-Hater to tuck his UNCW degree in his thong and allowing him to slink into the oblivion of reality ~ or, as you did, hold him and his rants up for further scrutiny. The latter will only endear him to his like-minded friends and further inflame the disgust of those who agree with you. Me, for example..... Sometimes, a rock is best left unturned.....
Gopnik is a writer blinded by his own brilliance. He is so self-absorbed he cannot, or fails to, objectively examine what is happening before his own eyes. Absent the terrorist shootings at Ft. Hood and the terrorist bombing in Boston, the mass-murder shootings were carried-out by mentally-ill persons. How do you legislate against that? The Santa Barbara shooter [why does the media insist on using his name? Such infamy is undeserved and only serves to inflame the passions for "fame" of others who are also mentally-ill.] did not violate even ONE of California's draconian gun-control laws! I defy anyone or any group of gun-control zealots to construct a law that could have prevented the deaths of the shooter's two roommates and a guest. Wait a minute! They were murdered with a knife!!! Oh my God!!! Now the knife-control zealots will have to get into the act. Do you have a knife in your kitchen? Your house?
If I correctly recall my early algebra lessons, X is an unknown, therefore it is correct to consider DoctorX an unknown ~ and after reading his post, it is best he remains unknown, for his post is embarrassing in its ignorance.....
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A Lesson on Racial Discrimination

CinemaNoir Wrote: May 14, 2014 10:23 AM
Walter, in addition to your analysis and conclusion, which I welcome, you also provided me with a chuckle. Imagine an all-white NBA team!!! Forget the cost of assembling a team of all-white all-star players ~ put such a team on the floor and who would attend? Who would watch? Not that the NBA and TV/radio networks would ever allow it to happen, it just defies common sense. I'm white, with maybe a 3-inch vertical, but I don't watch games to identify with the white guys, I just enjoy watching amazing athletes doing extraordinary things on the court. A team of white-guys in the NBA??? Funny, Walter ~ intentional or not, very funny!!!
The White house spin regarding Bengazi has resulted in a tornado that will wreak havoc on the Oval Office......
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The Common Core Conundrum

CinemaNoir Wrote: Apr 19, 2014 12:37 PM
Common, but rotten-to-the-Core!!!
Should we just give these "global warming" alarmists the cold shoulder???
Shame? Hardly! Leftists know no shame! They have no virtue, no morals, no ethics! Their lust for POWER overwhelms all else!
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